Title Page

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Store Standards

Back office and Staff areas

  • Back office clean and tidy?

  • Photo of back office

  • Toilet and kitchen clean and tidy to a 5 star standard?

  • Photo of toilet/kitchen area

Shop Floor Standards

  • Are staff all wearing the correct uniform including name badge

  • Photo of team members

  • Store POS is 100% to planogram

  • The Price is Right - Scan 5 random accessories and check the displayed price is correct. Did they get 5/5?

Sales Process

  • Has a documented Morning Brief taken place

  • Has a documented debrief taken place the day before?

  • Opportunity store target and model day advisor targets visible in store?

  • Is there any evidence of shop floor management?

  • DPS is being used with every customer and being printed?

  • Are mid points taking place with every transaction? Must be observed.

  • Premise checks are taking place and being printed?

  • Evidence of supporting outbound calls are happening on all red comments and 7 day courtesy calls

  • Store has a diary and possible appointment system in place?

  • Is customer above 75%?

  • Is there any evidence that the team are receiving support via performance plan?

  • Every team member has downloaded the Ready App?

Last Months Performance

  • BSC above 70%?

  • Ops Dashboard above E grade?

  • Performance Dashboard above G grade?

Customer Charter

  • Are customers being given a warm and friendly welcome within 1 minute of entering the store?

  • Are advisors building excellent rapport using first names and understanding the needs of the customer?

  • Are the advisors performing a DEMO by putting the product in the hands of the customer?

  • Are advisors mid pointing with their manager and helping the customer to decide?

  • Are advisors ensuring that the My Vodafone App is loaded and set up on the customers phone brilliantly and to a 5 star standard?

  • Are the store calling the customer after 7 days and showing that they are there if needed?

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