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  • Some useful questions to ask……
    New Employee / Existing Employee
    • Ask about experience of first day
    • What (induction) training have you received?
    • Were you made aware of the main hazards in you job? What are they?
    • When do you feel unsafe?
    • Tell me about what PPE you were given and what instruction in its use were you given?
    • How often do you see management on the shop floor?
    • Did you contribute to the site H&S plan? If yes, in what way? If no, why not?
    • How else do you contribute to the safety on site?
    • Do you get involved in risk assessments? If so, how?
    • If you were given a large sum of money to improve safety or wellbeing at this site – what would you do?

    Office Worker
    • What are the key risks in your job?
    • What risks do you see in terms of international travel and driving on company business?
    • What controls are in place for the above?
    • Describe a time when you have felt unsafe when visiting production areas or customer premises.
    • Do you have a way of feeding this back to your leader? Is anything done about it? If not, what should be done to improve the situation?
    • Have you been given instruction and training in the safe use of Display screens? If yes, what did that involve? If no, how could we rectify that?
    • What would you do on discovering a fire? What does the alarm sound like?

    • What is the selection criteria for contractors?
    • What work are you doing? Does it involve any major risk and was a risk assessment process carried out?
    • Has a Permit to Work been issued? If so, what are the key things the permit requires of you?
    • What is your view on the usefulness of the permit as a control measure?
    • Was a Method Statement required to win the work / contract?
    • Have you, the workers, seen the Method Statement? Are you able to comply with it?
    • Are you ever monitored by Berry CPI (site) Management? What was the outcome?
    • What Berry CPI H&S processes are you involved in? Such as H&S committee (for permanent or regular contractors)
    • How could things be improved?

    First Aider
    • What was the last injury you treated?
    • Were any actions taken to prevent it happening again?
    • What is the most common accident you treat?
    • Do you have any suggestions on improving the situation?
    • Is advice given to workers on healthier living (diet, exercise etc)?
    • Is there an automated external defibrillator (AED) on site? What training has been given?

    Recently Injured Person
    • What happened?
    • Was the treatment adequate?
    • Were you interviewed and were any actions you suggested acted upon?
    • Do they now feel safe doing the same job? If not, what needs to be done?
    • Are there any other tasks you feel unsafe doing?
    • Are workers supported when returning to work following an injury or illness?

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  • Opportunities for Improvement
  • Please enter details of any opportunities for improvement from discussion points, behaviours and physical conditions

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