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Lease Pad ERSED Inspection Checklist


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Lease pad Type

Number of Lease Pad:

ESCP Drawing Number:

Comments: (for site visits, note relevant information here and disregard below inspection items)

1.0 Lease pad Set Up

1.1 Site specific ESCP submitted and approved prior to works commencing

1.2 Confirm survey set out is completed and clearing limits identified

1.3 Topsoil stripping depth as per ESCP (mm)

1.4 Depth of which topsoil has been stripped (mm)

1.5 Topsoil stockpiled within lease perimeter that does not impede drilling activities, minimises any mixing with other materials and not within 100m of a watercourse

2.0 Water Diversion / Control

2.1 Clean and dirty water diversion banks installed prior to the commencement of bulk earth work and as per standard drawing and ESCP

2.2 Number of whoaboys:

2.3 Batter diversion banks to be constructed from compacted sub-soil, topsoiled and stabilised as per the ESCP requirements

2.4 Whoa boys are installed as per standard drawing and ESCP (including entrance WB where required)

2.5 Any sediment control installed are in correct location and as per ESCP (water to flow through and not diverted around)

Number of rock checks:

2.6 Is there water ponding or batters being scoured in any other area’s of the lease pad

If so, what preventative measures should be put in place?

3.0 Batter Chutes

3.1 Are Batter Chutes installed and energy dissipators located where indicated on the ESCP

Dimensions of each batter chute:

3.2 Energy dissipator/s correctly installed at the base of the Batter Chutes?

Dimension of each Energy Dissipator:

3.3 Geofab used and has been keyed in prior to rock chute installation

4.0 Outlet Controls

4.1 Coir logs are keyed in, installed correctly and functional

Number of Coir Logs:

4.2 Excavated sediment traps constructed and installed as per the standard drawing (Q-1000-15-DD-054) and sized as specified in ESCP (refer to table 3)

Sump Number and Size:

5.0 Soil Amelioration:

5.1 Soil amelioration implemented as per construction soil management plan

Pre-topsoil strip rate (t/ha):

Subsoil application rate (t/ha):

6.0 Completion of civil works

6.1 Lease constructed as per approved site specific Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

6.2 If changes to the approved plan are required they must be captured via red line mark ups and approved immediately. Note: Any changes to the approved ESCP require approval and sign-off by the Engineering team and the Environmental team.

7.0 Stabilising Batters and Rehabilitation

7.1 Roughen cut and fill batters parallel to slope, apply gypsum to batters (including batter diversion banks)

Gypsum application rate (t/ha):

7.2 Topsoil has been respread over batters to depth defined in the ESCP

Topsoil reinstatement depth (mm):

7.3 Polyacrylamide Soil Binder has been applied as per the requriements of the ESCP (refer to table 2)

Quantity (m2):

7.4 Seed and Fertiliser has been applied as per the requirements of the ESCP (Table 2)

Seed rate and mix (t/ha):

Fertiliser rate (t/ha):

7.5 Final surface is free draining and constructed in accordance with lease ESCP

7.6 Remove outlet controls, fill sediment traps and remove dirty water diversion banks. Note: Clean water diversion banks, catch drains, batter chutes and energy dissipators are to remain in place

Comments / Design Changes:


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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.