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  • Personnel in attendance of audit

LC2.1 Site Tour

  • Is the Employers' liability Insurance Certificate accessible for employees and in date?

  • Are there an appropriate number of HSE Health and Safety Law Posters accessible to employees and completed with appropriate information?

  • Is there an appropriate Signing in and Out process in place for employees, Contractors and Visitors?

  • Are high risk areas secure?

  • Are suitable access controls in place for employee security?

  • Are the housekeeping arrangements for storerooms and employee areas satisfactory?

  • Are general housekeeping arrangements satisfactory?

  • Are fire routes and doors unobstructed and <br>suitably maintained?

Sampled Paperwork

  • F20 Walk the floor

  • F50 Corrective action log

  • F115 Weekly Health and Safety Checksheet

  • F10 Team signing in and out sheet

  • F33 visitors/contractors log

LC2.1.1 Policy

  • Is the Health and Safety Policy accessible to all employees and up to date?

LC. Health and Safety Management Structure

  • Is the Health and Safety Competent person, or Senior Management aware of the HSE Guide to Managing Health and Safety ?

Sampled Paperwork

  • F7 Individual training record

LC Health and Safety Yearly Timetable

LC Health and Safety Responsibilities

LC Communication and Instruction

LC Information, Instruction & Training

  • Have employees been inducted in the Health & Safety arrangements, procedures & responsibilities ?

  • Do employees have qualifications and training relevant to their job role?

  • Does the centre have an appropriate number of trained Competent Persons?

  • Have employees had adequate training in the use of chemicals?

Sampled paperwork

  • F65 & F7 Individual Training record

  • F200 COSHH Training record

LC Risk Assessment

  • Do risk assessments identify significant hazards?

  • Have Model risk assessments site specific and reviewed in the last 12 months ?

  • Documentation in employee training folder is signed off by the employee and in the site training manager (move to RA above)

Sampled Paperwork

  • F34 Various risk assessments including; Premises and Activities, Manual Handling, Workstations, Working at Height

  • F352 Ladder Checksheet is attached to all ladders (fixed and moveable)

LC Systems of Work

LC Accident and Incident Reporting

LC Asbestos

LC Contractors

LC Construction - Project Management

LC Driving at Work

LC Electricity

LC Fire Safety

LC First Aid

LC High Risk Tasks & Permit to Work

LC Legionella

LC Lifts and Lifting Equipment

LC2.1.3.14 Lone Working

LC2.1.3.15 New & Expectant Mothers

LC2.1.3.16 Control of Noise at Work

LC2.1.3.17 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

LC2.1.3.19 Serious Incidents

LC2.1.3.20 Shared Premises

LC2.1.3.21 Slips and Falls

  • LC2.1.3.22 Stress

LC2.1.3.23 Violence at Work

LC2.1.3.24 Work Equipment

LC2.1.3.25 Working at Height

LC2.1.3.26 Workplaces

LC2.1.3.27 Young Persons in the Workplace

LC2.1.3.28 Enforcing Authorities

LC2.1.3.1 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

  • COSHH Assessment Sheet in place for all chemicals

  • Manufacturer's safety data sheet is present for all chemicals

  • F182 Chemical Checklist is present in all areas with chemicals and showing current information

  • Are all chemicals stored safely ?

  • Are the pool chemicals stored safely ?

Sampled Paperwork

  • F15 COSHH Assessment Form

LC2.1.3.3 Accident and Incident Reporting (including First Aid)

  • Are employees appropriately trained in Accident and Incident Reporting?

  • Are Accidents and Incidents suitable recorded?

  • Are Accident Investigations carried out effectively?

  • Are Accidents and Incidents reported correctly to Senior Management?

  • Is there an appropriate Accident Analysis process in place?

  • Is there a process in place to report hazards and faults?

  • Are competent persons available to carry out investigations?

Sampled Paperwork

  • F30 Accident report form

  • F402 Accident / Incident investigation form

LC2.1.3.4 Asbestos

  • Has an Asbestos Survey / Register been completed and reviewed within the last 6 months? ?

  • If Asbestos is present, are relevant checks completed ?

  • Is Asbestos labelled and clearly identified in the premises ?

  • Are there emergency procedures in place for the unplanned release of Asbestos ?

Sampled Paperwork

  • F288 Asbestos Checksheet

  • F314 Statutory Inspections

LC2.1.3.5 Contractors

  • Are risk assessments / method statements prepared for high risk work ?

  • Is there an appropriate Signing in and Out process for Contractors ?

  • Is there an emergency procedure and Asbestos sheet in the contractors folder for reference? ?

  • Is there a process in place for Permit to Work ?

Sampled Paperwork

  • F33 Visitor & Contractor Log

  • F29 Permit to Work (Various)

LC2.1.3.8 Electricity

  • Has Fixed Electrical Testing been carried out in the last 3 Years and in the last year for the pool ? (Where applicable)

  • Have high priority remedial actions been carried out, as a result of the report ?

  • Are new and old electrical equipment monitored effectively ?

Sampled Paperwork

  • F50 Corrective log

  • F362 New and Disposed Equipment is completed with current information

LC2.1.3.12 Legionella

  • The site has a current legionella risk assessment carried out by a competent contractor within the last two years

  • The centre has Log Books and Sheets in place that are being completed in full

  • All identified remedial measures have been actioned within the set timescales and signed off by the Site Manager

  • The legionella poster is displayed in the Team area

Sampled Paperwork

  • Legionella risk assessment

  • Legionella log book

LC2.1.3.19 Serious Incident Procedure

  • The Serious Incident Procedure is the current issue that is site specific

  • The SIP has been laminated and put into the Evacuation Bag

  • All associated equipment for the Evacuation Bag is in place, and in working order

  • Have all employees received training in the Emergency procedures within the last 12 months ?

Sampled Paperwork

  • LC2.1.3.19 Serious Incident Procedure

LC2.1.3.9 Fire Safety

  • Has a Fire risk assessment been completed ?<br>Including; Sources of ignition, Combustion & Oxygen, Fire detection, Escape routes and evacuations, Fire fighting equipment, Supporting building plans

  • Is the Fire risk assessment in date and site specific?

  • Have actions from the Fire RA been added to the RRP ?

  • Are appropriate statutory checks taking place : daily fire exit checks, weekly fire extinguisher checks, weekly fire alarm checks, monthly emergency lighting, weekly internal fire doors

  • Does appropriate maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment take place: Fire Alarm inspections (6 monthly and annually), Annual Fire Fighting equipment inspection, Emergency lighting annually ?

  • Is there a procedure in place to ensure all employees attend Evacuation of the Premises training every 6 months ?

  • Are fire points clearly signed and displayed ?

Sampled Paperwork

  • F385 Fire Risk Assessment

  • F266 Fire fighting equipment weekly inspection

  • F264 Internal Fire Doors weekly check

  • F263 Fire log book checks

  • F269 Team member premises evacuation record

General Health and Safety Communication

  • Is health and safety communicated at all levels at this facility? (H&S meetings, emails and intranet )

  • Is there workplace health and safety consultation within the facility?

  • Is there a good health and safety culture?

  • Do staff know what to do in the event of an emergency ? <br>Question what to do in the event of a Serious Incident, Accident, Fire, burglary

Gym Health and Safety

  • Is the gym clean and free from trip/slip hazards?

  • Is the lighting and general ventilation adequate and properly maintened?

  • Are first aid kits available, stocked and checked?

  • Is gym equipment in good working order?

  • Is defective equipment closed off and out working order?

  • Is daily cleaning records for gym equipment up to date?

  • Is the facility in good repair? General

  • Are floor areas/staircases level and in good condition?

  • Are their suitable arrangements in place for employees and members of the public for adequate washing and sanitary facilities?

  • Are facilities cleaned and maintained to a suitable standard?

Children's play area If applicable

  • Is the area clean and free from obstruction and trip hazards?

  • Are staff trained in paedriatric first aid and is there adequate first aid in the area?

  • Are staff trained in basic safeguarding ?

  • Are welfare facilities clean ? Is the baby changing unit in good condition and clean

  • Is there a signing in and out process for users?

  • Has all relevant employees received a DBS check?

  • Is security, gates, CCTV in working order ?

  • Is the area in good repair and good maintenance?

Wet side / Swimming pool

  • Are wet side changing rooms tidy and hygienic ?

  • Is there good access and egress from the pool to changing areas?

  • Are wet side areas free from trip and slip hazard?

  • Are floor areas free from chemicals?

  • Are daily chemical checks being carried out in both the pool ? Are readings consistent?

  • Is there a history of checks being done for pool ?

  • Are lifeguards monitoring the pool in a consistent and safe manner?

  • Is there appropriate signage in place to tell the public what to do in the event of an emergency?

  • Has the pool got all of the relevant safety equipment such as spinal boards, reaching poles, buoys and throw boards?

  • Is there diving signs in place?

  • Is there written pool safety operating procedures (PSOP) which consist of Normal operating procedures (NOP) and an Emergency action plan (EAP) ?

  • Are alarms in good working order?

  • Have pool visibility assessments been completed ? Are lifeguards adhering to them ?

Pool/plant room

  • Is the pool plant/ plant room free from slip and trips hazards?

  • Is pool back washing carried out and recorded?

  • Have pool plant readings been conducted and recorded ?

  • Is there a risk assessment carried out for confined spaces if applicable ?

  • Are there emergency procedures in place for area in the event of fire/ chemical spill?

Reception area/ communal area/ Cafe

  • Are users monitored and is there sufficient security ?

  • Are areas clean and free from trip and slip hazards

  • Are all areas such as changing rooms properly signed?

  • Are reception staff familiar with emergency procedures (serious accident), SIP, fire, robbery etc

  • Have lifts been inspected on a 6 monthly basis?

  • Are food areas clean and hygienic ?

  • Are HACCP and food hygiene procedures been carried out to a good standard?

  • Are first aid kits fully stocked and up to date?

  • Are baby changing units clean and hygienic and in good working order ?

Gym class rooms/squash courts/football areas

  • Are areas clean and free from trip and slip hazard

  • Is equipment free from defect? (Exercise bikes/floor mats)

  • Are stores clean and storing of equipment is correct?

  • Are areas appropriately signed for fire ?

  • Are all courts appropriately secured ?

Staff welfare facilities

  • Are staff welfare facilities clean and hygienic ?

  • Is hot and cold water provided?

  • Are toilets clean and tidy? Do they have soap, hand towels and running water?


  • Has an assessment been made to to ensure the PPE is suitable to protect against the risks identified and is suitable for all persons considered as at risk assessment and is complete?

  • Is all PPE identified as necessary, issued free of charge and records of issue/replacement in place?

Manual Handling

  • Has work requiring manual handling been identified and where manual handling cannot be avoided, has risk assessment has been undertaken? Does the risk assessment include consideration of the task, load, environment, and individual capability?

  • Has measures been taken to reduce risks by avoidance of handling, reduction of handling/introduction of mechanical aids?

  • Have the relevant employees received manual handling training and are records maintained on site?

Car parks (If applicable)

  • Are car parks appropriately signed?

  • Is the car park, footpaths clear and free from obstruction and trip hazards?

  • Are car parks secured, fenced off to avoid trespassers when the course is closed?

  • Regional Health Safety and Quality Manager North

Other areas of Opportunity / Weakness

  • Business Manager / Health and Safety Coordinator / Contracts Manager

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