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Leisure Link night cleaners checklist.

  • Have you checked communication book?

  • Has all cleaning equipment been returned to cleaners room?

  • Is cleaners room left neat and tidy?

  • Are all staff wearing safety gear? ( personal protective equipment )

  • Have all checklist been completed? ( PPE checklist, machine pre checks )

Front entrance and reception

  • Front doors (glass) been cleaned?

  • Carpet been vacuumed front air lock and reception area?

  • Have all bins been checked and emptied in reception areas?

  • All rubbish on floor been picked up?

  • Fitting room next to reception has been checked and cleaned?

  • Has Reception desk been cleaned?

  • Have you checked area for dust build up on vents, window sills and around skirting boards?

Office area

  • Has all carpet areas been vacuumed?

  • Have all bins been checked and emptied?

  • Has dusting been completed? ( window sills, vents )

  • Has desks and phones been cleaned? ( weekly )

  • Has glass areas been cleaned? ( door to office and glass in side office area )

Staff toilet and staff room

  • Have floors been swept and mopped?

  • All bins checked and emptied?

  • Have toilets and sinks been cleaned?

  • Mirrors cleaned?

  • Have you checked area for dust and cobwebs?

Main floor ( black floor ) leading to cafe, gym and studio 1

  • Has daily operator check been completed for floor scrubber?

  • Has tank on floor scrubber been cleaned out and filled with chemical and water?

  • Is floor scrubber safe to use? ( no maintenance issues )

  • Has edges of floors been swept and mopped?

  • Have couches and clothes racks been moved to one side to clean that area?

  • Has cafe area been cleaned? ( check window sills )

  • Has floor been cleaned with floor scrubber? ( has excess water been mopped up? )

Gym, studio 1, 2 and 3 (crèche)

  • Has all carpet areas been vacuumed?

  • Have you checked under equipment for dust and vacuumed? ( treadmills )

  • Have all mirrors been cleaned?

  • Has all bins Ben checked and emptied?

  • Has all rubbish on floor been cleaned up?

  • Have you spot cleaned carpet where necessary?

  • Have all benches been wiped over?

  • Have you wipe over equipment for dust and sweat marks?

  • Have you cleaned drink fountain and around bottom of drink fountain?

  • Has glass doors been cleaned?

  • Has high dusting been completed? ( weekly tasks - vents, TVs, air conditioner vents )

Change rooms and family rooms ( pool deck and change rooms near studio 1 )

  • Have bins been cleaned and emptied?

  • Has all rubbish been cleaned up? ( check under seats and around drains for hair )

  • Have all toilets been cleaned? ( inside toilets, seats, around base of toilets and where flush buttons are )

  • Have toilet partitions been cleaned?

  • Have all sinks been cleaned? ( check under sinks to make sure cleaning whole sink )

  • Have all mirrors been cleaned? ( full clean not half the mirror )

  • Have showers been cleaned? ( making sure all body fats are removed )

  • Have shower partitions been cleaned?

  • Has all soap residue been cleaned from shower floor tiles?

  • Have floors been cleaned? ( use pressure washer with gurney to clean floors )

  • Have urinals been cleaned? ( urinal screens to be changed weekly or unless starting to smell change )

  • Have baby change tables been cleaned?

  • Have all marks been removed from walls and doors?

  • Have all seats and benches been cleaned? (Remember to wipe hand dryer)

  • Has dusting been completed? ( check vents and tops of partitions )

  • Have you remove all excess water from floors? ( use squeegee on floor to remove excess water )

Pool deck

  • Has first aid room been cleaned? ( bin changed and floor mopped )

  • Has steam sauna been cleaned? ( check under seats for body fat )

  • Has sauna been cleaned?

  • Has sauna shower been cleaned? ( all body fats removed )

  • Has glass for steam sauna and sauna been cleaned?

  • Have all bins been checked, cleaned and emptied? ( make sure learn to swim and aquatics office has been checked )

  • Has all rubbish been cleaned up on pool deck area? ( floor check for food scrapes and check under seats )

  • Have glass doors been cleaned? ( leading to pool deck and office areas )

  • Has spa tiles been cleaned and glass around spa?

  • Have all seats and benches been cleaned? ( check under benches for rubbish )

  • Have all marks on walls and doors been cleaned?

  • Has wintergarden been cleaned?

  • Has green rubber rock been cleaned?

  • Has pool deck concrete been cleaned with pressure washer and gurney? ( state which area has been cleaned )

  • Has window sills been cleaned?

  • Has dusting been completed? ( vents, poles around windows) check weekly

  • Has cafe glass and wintergarden glass been cleaned? ( put date last cleaned )

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