• Midlink facility

Safety Storyboard/ Fire Evacuation

  • Is the most current safety audit posted?

  • Is the name of the safety committee Rep posted?

Electrical Panel / Equipment

  • Are there any exposed power sources? (covers are in place)

  • Are there bare wires showing?

  • Is there electrical tape on cords?

  • Are there METAL ties securing cords?

  • Are there ground prongs on plugs?

  • (On all fixed cables) Are there spring releases from the conduit box?


  • Are all yellow areas and exits clear and accessible?

  • Does all emergency exit lighting work? (Press test button)

  • Are there any trip hazards in the work area? (Cords, tools, brooms, materials, fixtures, etc.)

  • Are all equipment and tools being used in a safe way? (Utilizing safe technique, correct tool, in proper position)

  • Are all fire extinguishers accessible?

  • Is there anything leaning against walls or machinery? (i.e. skids, rods, boards, etc)

  • Are skids stacked more than 10 high?


  • Is everyone that is working wearing steel toe or composite toe shoes?

  • Is everyone wearing safety glasses with side shields? (All safety glass must have z87 markings, found on side of glasses, including prescription glasses)

  • Is hearing protection being worn? (only if working at skid table with saw, or nail guns)

  • Is P.P.E. in good condition? (No holes, or visible damage, clean)

  • Is anyone using compressed air to clean off their body and/or clothing?

Chemicals / SDS

  • Are all containers readable and properly labeled?

  • Are there any chemicals stored in a personal beverage container?

  • Are all flammable liquids that are not in use stored in a yellow non-flammable cabinet with doors shut?

Slings/ Straps/ Hooks

  • Have all straps/ slings been checked for tears, cuts, frays?

Questions to ask employees

  • What does L.O.T.O stand for?

  • What information does L.O.T.O contain?

  • What does S.D.S. stand for?

  • What information does S.D.S. contain?

  • What is the maximum weight one person is allowed to lift?

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