Title Page

  • Lidl WiFi Modernisation Project

  • Metrix call number

  • Store Number

  • Store Name

  • Location
  • Conducted on

  • Engineer Name

Site Pre-Installation Works

  • Declaration - I have read and accepted the Risk assessment and method statement for works to be completed

  • On arrival to site, signed in and completed first part of contractor portal(enroute/onsite etc) please tick to confirm portal completed

  • Photo of signing in book showing time on site

  • Is the lifter present and able to be used?

  • What is the issue?

  • Photo of cabinet(s) prior to any works commencing with doors open

  • Number of additional access points to be installed

Access Points

    Additional access Points
  • AP number (AP8, AP9 etc.)

  • Serial number of the AP

  • MAC Address of the AP

  • CLEAR photo of the MAC address and serial number on the AP.

  • Photo of the data point labelled & patched

  • Photo of the AP installed in location with label for AP name

  • Photo of the AP from distance showing the AP location within the store

  • IoT Install
  • AP number IoT card installed into

  • Serial number of the IoT Card

  • Photo of the IoT Card installed in the AP with RF cables & 4 screws installed

  • Photo of all the existing AP's on-site in final location

  • Please take a clear photo of drawing of AP's indicating any deviations from the drawing locations. Please note below reason(s) why

  • Have any fire seals been penetrated during cabling?

  • Photo showing penetration re-sealed

  • Has all cabling has been tested & passed

  • Reason(s) why


  • Photo of front and rear of cabinet from distance, with doors open

  • Photo of all patch panels that have been worked on

  • Photo showing cable routing into cabinet

  • Photo of all switches showing patching clearly

  • Declaration - Please confirm that all new devices, including IoT cards are confirmed working by the helpdesk.

  • Please test the ACD with the store staff present in all areas of the store - Confirm BO forms was available in all locations

  • Photo of ACD showing BO forms

  • Areas of store not receiving signal

Deinstall kit

  • Does the store have return stock of Huawei 4050 AP's?

  • Declaration - There is NO remaining de-installed kit left on site, and to my knowledge(please ask staff, have a look in usual places) there is NO excess unused new equipment left on site

Return Kit

  • Are all additional parts (screws, brackets etc) are included with the access points

  • What items are missing/can't be removed?

  • Has an RMA been completed of Vista Metrix for the deinstall kit?

  • Please inform the on-call Project Manager why this can't be done.

  • Photo of return kit boxed and ready to remove from site

Sign Off

  • Please confirm all metal shavings, scrap cable, rubbish etc has been cleaned and removed from site

  • Photo and description of location lifter has been left ready for collection (with transformer and lead)

  • Confirmation that contractor portal has been completed

  • Engineer in attendance - ( all Declarations above ticked and accurate to best of knowledge)

  • LIDL Representative ( All works completed, and kit removed offsite)

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