Name of Supervisor
Main Auditorium

Lights ON (2x remotes)

Air conditioners (x10) ON

Doors OPEN (2x) NOTE: leave west side shut during rehearsal)

Front outside lights on PM (at switchboard)

Green Room

Unlock auditorium door

Main room LIGHTS ON

Main room AC ON

WC lights ON


Unlock external door

Check WC. Ensure its clean. Check rolls and towels

Main Kitchen

Lights ON

Air Con ON

Main Office

Lights ON

Outside Light ON (PM only)

Upstairs Kids Area

ALL lights ON

Air Cons ON (5x)


Lights ON

Ensure it's clean

Check rolls & towels

Check bin

Hallways (both)

Lights ON

Crèche (both rooms)

Lights ON

Air Cons ON (2x)

TV on

Ensure external door is locked


Main lights ON

Air Cons ON (2x) 22 degrees

Open doors NOTE: west doors closed during rehearsal

Outside lights ON (PM only)

Cafe area

Switch lamp ON

Cafe Kitchen lights ON

Cafe outside light ON (PM only)

DS Kids area

Main area lights ON

Main area AC ON (2x)

WC area lights ON

Cubicles lights ON

TO DO: cafe / foyer / externally

SWEEP cafe area & front entrance blow leaves

CLEAN UP church surrounds / remove messy items

SET UP outside tables & chairs (AM only)

SET UP cafe tables & chairs

CLEAN cafe area / remove messy items (mop?)

TO DO: auditorium

Straighten chairs

Remove rubbish & messy items

Remove any unwanted tables or chairs (check back)

During service

Setup communion table (1st of month)

Put offering buckets near sound desk

Patrol car park and surrounds

Count offering lock away

After service

Collect eftpos sheet from Reception put on bag with offering

Empty bins (4x outside, 1x cafe, crèche)

Pack away outside tables & chairs (PM only)

Lock offering & BBQ cash tin in safe

LOCK UP check list
Main Auditorium

Lights OFF (2x remotes)

Air conditioners (x10) OFF (PM only)

Doors LOCKED (2x)

Green Room

Main room LIGHTS OFF

Main room AC OFF

WC lights OFF


Lock external door

Lock auditorium door

Main Kitchen

Lights OFF

Air Con OFF

Main Office

Lights OFF

External light OFF

Check Air Con OFF

Upstairs Kids Area

Air Cons OFF (5x)

ALL lights OFF

Check windows all locked


Lights OFF (incl Female)

Hallways (both)

Lights OFF

Crèche (both rooms)

Lights OFF

Air Cons OFF (2x)


Check windows / external door locked


Main lights OFF

Air Cons OFF (2x) PM only

Lock doors (2x) check windows etc

Outside lights OFF

Cafe area

Lamp OFF

Cafe kitchen light OFF

Cafe outside light OFF

Downstairs Kids Area

Main area lights OFF

Main area AC OFF (2x) incl Store x1

WC area lights OFF

Cubicles light OFF

Check doors locked (2x) windows etc ALL AREAS incl Store

Perimeter check

Exit locked Crèche check perimeter

Take bins to curb

Re enter code and lock on exit ALL DONE


Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.