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Antenna Install

  • Are the Minprox and Wifi antennas fitted to the light bar or roof and free of obstructions?

  • Is the exposed antenna wiring protected and secured?

  • Is a gland used at the cable entry to the rear of the cab?

NVD and DC/DC convertor install

  • Is the NVD secured to the rear of the cab wall using the cradle?

  • Is the DC/DC convertor bolted and secured to the rear of the cab?


  • Is the DC/DC power cable connected to battery power, fused and earthed at a suitable point

  • Is the NVD Isolated power cable that is connected to ignition power, fused and earthed at a suitable point

  • Are both power cables protected and routed to the DC/DC convertor and NVD so they are hidden with minimum exposure?

  • Is the ouput power from the DC/DC convertor to the NVD fused on both the power and earth sides?

  • Are the isolated power cable and NVD power cable neatly coiled and secured?

Post install checks

  • Does the NVD power up?

  • Does the NVD connect to the wifi network? (The red line through the wifi signal will disappear once connected?)

  • Are the NVD and DC/DC convertor secured

  • Are all cables neatly and securely routed?

  • Are all excess cabling neatly coiled and secured to prevent damage?

  • Are all removed panels refitted and the work area cleared ?

  • Is the install complete?

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