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Clinical Governance

  • We're there any issues with random questioning for nurses on CQC Outcomes?

  • We're there any issues with random questioning of Nurses about tests being carried out? Provide details what tests were checked

  • Are Daily, Weekly and Monthly checklists being completed

  • Is the Compliance Calendar in place and up to date?

Clinical Governance Document Checklist

  • Is the Health and Safety Poster displayed?

  • Is the employers liability insurance certificate displayed?

  • Are Local Rules for Radiographic Equipment Displayed

  • Is the CQC Registration Certificate displayed?

  • Is the practice policy on health and safety and accident book available?

  • is the Risk assessment and COSHH Available?

  • is the Emergency drugs kit, Oxygen check dates and service records available?

  • Are certificates of autoclaving servicing/maintenance up to date and available

  • Are certificates of pressure vessel inspection for all compressors operating above 250bar available and up to date?

  • Are service records for compressors up to date and available?

  • Is the Performing Rights certificate up to date and available?

  • Are the safety checks and pat testing on all electrical equipment and all certificate of testing fixed supplies up to date and available.

  • Are clinical waste and special waste including sharps consignment notes up to date and available?

  • Are domestic waste consignment notes up to date?

  • Are records of cleaning up to date and available? Is there a cleaning schedule?

  • Are records relating to radiation safety assessment of all radio graphic equipment up to date and available?

  • Are signs for fire exits, fire risk assessments and procedures in case of fire present and displayed correctly?

Staff records

  • All GDC Registrations and professional indemnities in place?

  • All immunisation records for all staff in place?

  • All staff inductions in place?

  • All staff contracts in place?

  • All CRB checks in place?

  • All CPR for staff up to date?

  • All child protection/vulnerable adults certificates up to date and available?


  • Please enter the Number of UDAs performed and targeted for this month so far. <br>I.e. 'Surgeon' 123 UDAs performed 321 UDAs targeted <br>

  • Please state the reason for a difference in UDAs performed/targeted if applicable

  • Please enter the Private performed per surgeon



  • Is the ordering currently within budget? If not state the amount of overspend

  • Does the practice require any particular materials?

  • Does the practice use dentsply rewards

  • Are all points within their availability date? If not, how soon are they going to expire?


  • Is a petty cash book in place and being used?

  • Have bank statements been checked?

  • Have private/NHS receipts been checked?


  • Has Maggie been informed of refunds required? Have refund request forms been sent?


  • Cleanliness/decor of waiting rooms, surgeries and other rooms ok?

  • Are all suction motors in working order?

  • Are the Suction Motor Filters been cleaned regularly?

  • Have any engineer visits been required?

  • If yes to the above, have you kept the old part to show to Dr Kanani?

  • All Large Equipment e.g. Chairs ok and in working order?


  • Handpieces ok?

  • Curing lights ok?

  • Instruments ok?

  • Intra oral cameras ok?

  • All other small equipment ok? Please give details of any issues


  • Have the gas/electricity meter readings for this week been sent to Nadeem?

Friends and Family Test (FFT) Questionnaires

  • Are FFT Questionnaires being completed for every patient seen?

  • Have the last months FFT Questionnaires Results been sent to This must be done by the 10th of the month.


  • Is the monthly new patient referrals chart being completed and sent to Mehria/Nadeem?

  • Are Patient Satisfaction Questionnaires being completed and uploaded online (at least 10/week)

  • Is there a record of new patients registered last month? If so, how many?

  • Are there any outstanding recalls to be sent? If so, how many?


  • Is all software and hardware in working order?

  • Is one server PC being left on to allow for remote access?

  • Is the Google Calendar being updated with all important dates/deadlines?


  • Are the accounts/incorrect claims up to date and have they been sent to Andrea?

  • Which months are outstanding still to do?


  • Has the monthly cash book for last month been sent to Maggie/Nadeem?

  • Have last months lab bills been sent to Maggie/Nadeem?


  • Does this practice stock sundries?

  • Do the sundries in stock match the sundries log?

  • Is everything in order with the sundries cash book entries?

Text Messaging

  • Does the practice follow up on daily text messaging reports? Please indicate how many patients details have been altered and how many have been removed from the messaging list.

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