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  • Unneeded Items * Are personal things at the working area? * Can all unnecessary items be distinguished at a glance?

  • Needed Items * Are needed items in scanner, dask, boxs, etc according to type? * Have needed items been placed at the closest location to minimize the motion's waste?

  • Items in use * Are items not in use kept in their designated locations?

  • Backlog * Are the backlog items sorted according to the job? * Do all backlog are in the backlog area. (reality count and report count must match)


  • Indicators and Demarcations * Are shelves, stations, bins, trolleys, apparatus and other items properly labelled? * Are the lines or other markers used to clearly indicate walkways, aisles, storage areas and backlog areas?

  • Placement * Are equipment and items are their correct places?

  • Safety Hazards * Are there any safety hazards (water, oil, chemicals, machines, cutter, open electrical wire) in the working area? * Are safety equipment and supplies are clear and in good condition?

  • Sign Boards and Visual Control * Are visual controls and indicators properly established? (as like signboard)


  • Floor and other Surfaces * Are floor, Scanner, Printer, paper, box, and all other surfaces free of dirt, oil, and grease? * Is there any garbage on the floor, desk, used paper, used carton box, used tape, or anywhere within the premises of the department?

  • Cleaning Responsibility * Is the person responsible for overseeing cleaning operations present on the working premises? * Do team managers periodically inspect workstations and instruct to maintain cleanliness?

  • Cleaning material availability * Are cleaning tools and equipment available and adapted?

  • Inspection and Maintenance * Are indoor persons check weekly 5S checklist?


  • Documentation * Are 5S Checklists, being defined, present at the location , and used on a set schedule?

  • Layout * Is the layout of the department in line with the standardized look and feel of other departments? (Ex- Entry/exits of the department obstacle-free)

  • Understanding of 5S * Is there a 5S agreement in place and are all employees aware of their responsibilities? (Can the resources explain what is 5S)

  • Standards Control * The color coding used for demarcation is as per daraz standards? * Same labeling style (font, size, color) is used at all locations (inc wall plates) *Station officers are using the correct station light protocols as defined per daraz standards


  • Training * Is the staff trained about the standard procedures of 5S Protocols?

  • Follow-up and Reporting * Are the 5S Champions being selected and displayed in the designated working area? * Are all the 5S issues being highlighted/recorded with resolution timelines? * Are the 5S issues timely highlighted and solved by the Facility manager?

  • Suggestions and Improvement * Does the team contribute in generating improvement ideas? * Does the team adhere to the suggestions and improvements provided by the 5S audit team

  • Activity Boards * Are the notice boards up-to-date, visible, and showing 5S announcements/improvements?


  • Posting * Required safety information is posted (Material Safety Data Sheets, Lockout-Tagout, Exits)

  • Markings * Fire extinguishers, exits and other emergency equipment are clearly marked and functional

  • Training * Basic job skills training has been done (safety and quality pointers are posted and understood)

  • Safety Hazards * Unsafe conditions are promptly resolved (Including any place where injury could occur (Ex - Placing the MU Bag Cutter in a safe place)

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.