Ticket Offices

What's expected:

The ticket office is open, the queue less than 5 minutes during the peak or 3 minutes outside of the peak and opening hours are clearly displayed.

Ticket office open in line with published opening times?

Number of ticket office windows on site
Number of Ticket Office Windows Operational
Number of Customers in queue
How long did the last person in the queue wait to be served?

Opening Times clearly displayed?

Add photograph if appropriate.
Ticket Machines

What's expected:

TVM working, accepting all methods of payment expected, can issue pre booked tickets. It is clearly signed, with instructions for use present

Ticket Machine is fully operational

Methods of Payment cleaRly shown and Machine accepting all advertised methods of payment.

Ticket Machine can issue pre-booked tickets

Ticket Machine is clearly sign posted.

Ticket Machine has instructions for use.

Ticket Machine is in good order

Add photograph if appropriate.
Timetables and Information

What's expected:

Displayed and/or available on request and in-date. A welcome poster is on display. Engineering work information at least 5 days in advance

Posters displaying A-Z departures from the station are displayed?

Passenger's Charter available from Ticket Office

LM Comments forms are available from Ticket Office

LM Delay repay forms available

'Welcome' Poster on display near Entrance

Posters and information arranged in a 'Zonal' way (Welcome, Ticket, Platform, Onward Travel)

Latest Performance Statistics Poster on Display

Engineering work poster for current month and next month.

Add photograph if appropriate.

What's expected:

Posters are displayed correctly, legible, in-date and damage free.

Displayed correctly

TOC Promotional Posters on display, correct number and locations



Damage free

Add photograph if appropriate.
CIS Screens

Is a Summary of Departures showing at least the next four departures?

Does the CIS screen match the announcement being made?

Does the Next Train Indicator on each platform show the next train due to departure?

Does next train indicator show subsequent departures?

Is any delay/cancellation supported with a reason?

CIS Observations

Add photograph if appropriate.
Public Announcement

What's expected:

PA is fully functional, supplemented with appropriate and timely customer information on screen.

Type of Announcements

Can announcements be heard on all parts of the station?

Were announcements 'Accurate, Brief and Clear'

Announcement made for each train departure being made?

Delays (with apology) being announced when required?

Platform Alterations being made in good time, with apology if appropriate.

PA observations

Add photograph if appropriate.
Ticket Checking

What's expected:

Effective ticket checking process and ticket gate line in operation at peak times. Staff are available to provide support and customer service.

Gateline operational with minimum number of staff present.

Remotely controlled gate lines are operational with help points in working order.

Wide-aisle gate is managed well for those requiring it

Excess Fares office operational and staffed.

Add photograph if appropriate.
Station Staff

What's expected:

Wearing presentable uniform, wearing name badge, appear friendly and approachable, seen interacting professionally and friendly with passengers.

Staff available at the Ticket Office

Staff available on the gateline

Staff available on the concourse?

Staff available on the platform?

Staff wearing presentable uniform?

Staff wearing name badges?

Staff appear friendly and approachable?

Staff seen to interact positively, friendly and professionally with passengers and colleagues.

Add photograph if appropriate.
Shelters/Waiting areas

What's expected:

Shelters are clean, undamaged, available for use and fit for purpose

Shelters are have clean floors, walls and windows?

There is no damage to the area?

It is available for use by passengers?

It is fit for purpose?

Add photograph if appropriate.
Seats that are not in Waiting Rooms

What's expected:

Seats are clean, undamaged and secure

All seats are clean?

Seats are undamaged?

Seats are secure to the ground?

Add photograph if appropriate.

What's expected:

Lights are switched on at appropriate times, directed as required

Lights are switched on at appropriate times

Lights are suitably directed at areas needing to be lit?

Add photograph if appropriate.

What's expected:

Fully Functional toilet facilities (including accessible toilet), appropriately stocked, hand-washing and drying facilities available.

Toilet roll available

Toilet Doors lockable

Hand soap available

Sinks clean

Water taps working correctly

Hand dryers/Hand Towels available/working

Toilet Inspection sheet available and updated on time?

Add photograph of Toilet Inspection Sheet.
Add photograph if appropriate.
Car Parks and Taxi Ranks

What's expected:

Bays clearly marked, signage for car park conditions of use, meters operational and tickets displayed accordingly where applicable

Parking bays clearly marked

Signage for Charges and Conditions of Use on display

All Pay Stations Operational

Add photograph if appropriate.

Is taxi rank clearly signed?

Is taxi rank safe, well lit and accessible for all?

Lifts and Escalators

What's expected:

Lifts are clean, well lit and welcoming. Escalators are working, have safety signage and are clean to touch.

Lifts are welcoming and clean

Lifts have good signage and are easy to locate

Lifts are fully operational

Emergency Help Point operational

Add photograph if appropriate.
Help Point, Telephones and other Station Facilities.

What's expected:

Help point is functional/operational, clearly signed, instructions for use present

Help Points are operational and test calls have been successful

Help Points have sufficient signage to highlight its locations

Help Points have instructions for their use.

Other station facilities (such as Cycle Storage, Cash Machines, etc) in order.

Payphones are working as expected

Station Tenancies operated professionally.

Add photograph if appropriate.
Litter and Contamination

What's expected:

Minimal Litter, free from contamination (e.g. vomit etc.), free from areas of standing water and no underfoot danger (e.g. slippery leaves, trip hazards)

Minimal litter evident

Where litter bins provided, they don't require emptying?

Contamination free (e.g. vomit etc.)

Platforms are well-drained (free from areas of standing water)

Free from danger underfoot (e.g. slippery leaves, trip hazards, snow or ice, etc.)

Add photograph if appropriate.

What's expected:

No offensive graffiti, other graffitti reported for removal

Station free from graffiti

Add photograph if appropriate.
Landscaping and Vegetation

What's expected:

Neat and tidy not overgrown, does not pose injury risk (including staining to clothes)

Landscaping is neat and tidy (not overgrown)

Vegetation on the nearby running line is not overgrown

Add photograph if appropriate.
Station Security and Safety

Are any beggars, vagrants or any signs on anti-social behaviour present?

Are signs reinforcing 'Safer Travel' concepts on display?

Audit Summary

Summary of Auditor's Experience

Time Audit Ended
Signature of Auditor
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.