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  • For DW, is the mandrel table clean and organized?

  • Is workstation clean?Look for material on the floor, unused tooling, overflowing containers

  • Has wire weld edge trim tray been emptied? (AMILL)

  • Is the paint booth clean? Look for leaks at the tank in the booth and around the outside of the booth

  • Is the additional PPE for the galfan pot stored properly when not in use?


  • Are all operators wearing the required PPE?

  • Are the Equipment Safe-guards in place?

  • Is the Emergency Spill Kit available?


  • Are the Operators aware of any recent quality issues?

  • Are the required inspections being performed by the Dock Auditor , according to the required inspection frequencies?

  • Are parts being correctly inspected and certified (marked) as instructed by the quality alert?

  • Are the red herring samples for eddy current verification available and correctly identified?

  • Has the eddy current validation been signed off? Supervisor once a week , operator once per shift


  • Work instruction available at workstation and operator performing job according to Work instruction?

  • Are parts being packed properly if specified in the Work instruction?

  • Visual aids available and clearly visible in the work area?

  • Has the operator checked to make sure there is no blockage in the primer tank with auditor present?

  • the viscosity of the primer between 35-41? Have the operator check while Auditor observes.

  • Set up verification or Forming set up sheet completed and up to date?

  • Is FIFO being followed, check shipping and Hazmat.

  • Is suspect material properly identified/ segregated/ stored in reject Area ?

  • Are the gages/ measuring instruments calibrated and in good condition?


  • Has the good to go been completed and signed by the Team Leader?

  • Are Quality Alert issued and visible on the production floor to contain the problem?


  • 8.1 Daily audits completed?

  • 8.2 Weekly audits completed?

  • 8.3 Monthly audits completed?

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