Title Page


  • Date and Time

  • Officer Assessing

  • Location plus Latitude and Longitude
  • Biomass kg/ha perennial & annual pasture plants

  • Height (cm) average height tussock leaves excluding seed heads

  • Dominant Pasture - what plant/s contributing to the majority of available feed.

  • Dominant Pasture Growth Phase - Development stage of dominant pasture species.

  • Pasture Quality - the value comprising > 70% of the pasture

  • Perennial Pasture Density - (don’t include annual pasture plants)

  • Pasture Ground Cover - % attached pasture tussocks & canopies

  • Declared Pest Plants (DPP)

  • Declared Pest Plant Density

  • Declared Pest Plant Reproductive Status

  • Pest Animals

  • Woody Plant Density (all woody plants >2m tall include woody DPP > 2m

  • Photograph of site

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