• Site Name

  • Address
  • Date and Time

  • Prepared by

  • Name of Guard on Duty

  • Pictures Required; Log Book (filled in correctly) SIA Licence Induction Sign Off Sheet (signed)

  • Officers Presentation / Appearance (worn in accordance with company guideline)

  • Guard inducted onto site and signed appropriate paperwork

  • SIA Licence Number and Expiry Date

  • SIA Licence valid and displayed

Health and Safety

  • RAMs & Task Brief Sheet In Date & Appropriate for Tasks

  • PPE, min requirement (safety boots, hard hat, high vis jkt/vest) client requirements fulfilled?

  • Phone - provided by company/owned and working

  • Torch in good Working Order

  • Radio in good Working Order


  • Does guard know how to use In-Touch and WebeX apps?

  • Manager to run through apps with the guard and follow up with HR.

  • Event log on site and completed correctly I.e. Patrols, plant, incidents, check calls logged etc.

  • Are Handovers Being Carried Out

  • Signing in Procedure understood and implemented I.e. Check ID of all personnel and sign them in/out

  • Officers attitude (was he/she helpful, co-operative and friendly)

  • Officer Timekeeping, on time and ready for duty as per the rota

  • Communication (officer able to communicate in verbal and written English)

  • Welfare Facilities (clean and tidy)

  • Supervisory visits, are they regular, must be noted in event log

Vehicle (Lingwoods Patrol Car)

  • Is the Vehicle Clean inside and out (ask driver to clear rubbish from inside if required)

  • Please check, tyres, lights, fluid level in engine.

  • Please inspect Vehicle for Damage

  • Any Reportable Faults / Damage


  • Officers fully trained as per RAMS

  • Officers aware of policies and procedures, (I.e. H&S policy, quality policy, environmental policy)

  • Staff Sig

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