Title Page

  • Branch

  • Inspection Date

  • Inspected By

General Safety Inspection

  • Vehicle Registration No:

  • Make/Model:

  • Mileage:

  • Drivers Name:

  • Date of Last Service:

Passenger Compartment

  • Condition and function of seat belts

  • Condition of upholstery

  • Has the daily defect book been completed daily

  • Vehicle handbook in glove compartment

  • General compartment clean

  • First aid kit present, stocked and in date (Sterilised items have expiry dates)

  • Fire extinguisher present and serviced within the previous 12 months

  • Spare number plate for towing

  • No Smoking sign visible


  • General Condition of all External Lights

  • Brake lights

  • Dipped/ Full Beam

  • Indicators/4 ways

  • Fog lights

  • Number plate lights

Engine Bay

  • Coolant level

  • Engine oil level

  • Windscreen wash bottle contains screen wash

  • Brake / clutch fluid

  • Oil or waste leaks

  • Power steering fluid

External Condition

  • Condition of vehicle, bodywork

  • Condition of windscreen and wiper blades

  • Condition of roof and roof racks/bars

  • Condition of Lights

  • Condition of tyres, tyre pressure and tyre wear

  • Availability of spare wheel and jack

  • Cleanliness of windscreen, windows, mirrors, lights and plates

Spill Kit & PPE

  • Does the vehicle have a Spill Kit

  • Spill Kit Condition

  • Does the vehicle have the correct PPE

  • PPE stored in kit bags

Storage Compartment

  • Compartment clean

  • Equipment stored correctly

  • Condition of shelving

  • Negative pressure units covers fitted

Vehicle Damage

  • Describe and list the location of any damage to the Company Vehicle: -

  • Actions to be Taken

  • By Who

  • Date To Complete

  • Date Completed

  • Photograph Damage


  • Auditors Name:

  • Date of Audit:

  • Inspectors Signature

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