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  • Conducted on

  • Document Reference

  • Location
  • Area

  • Prepared by

  • Task

  • Take photo of the area

  • Description of the task

  • Untitled 12.png
  • Guide line for completed audit score.
    20% and below Green
    20% to 65% Amber ( Resolve all issues)
    65% to 100% Red ( implement immediate actions before continuing with the task)

  • what category of manual handling is the task

  • Are there indications that the task is high risk

  • Please comment on the task.


    Untitled 1.png
  • A .What is the Load weight and lift/carry frequency score

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 1.png
  • B . What is the hand distance from lower back score

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 3.png

    Untitled 13.png
  • C .What is the Vertical lift region score

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 4.png
  • D . Torso twisting/ sideways bending Asymmetrical torso/load carrying

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 5.png
  • E . Postural constraints

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 6.png
  • F . Grip on load

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 7.png
  • G . Floor surface

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 8.png
  • H . Other environmental factors

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 10.png
  • H . ( CARRY ONLY)carry distance

  • Suggested action
  • Untitled 9.png
  • I . Obstacles en route (carrying only)

  • Suggested action
  • J . Communication and co ordination (team handling only)

  • Please comment on the issues with communication and co ordination

  • Any further comments

  • When the assessment was completed

  • Assessment completed by

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