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Machine Maintenance Checklist Template

Equipment Maintenance

  • Are switches, throttle control, zip starter, etc. in good condition and no leaks present?

  • Is the machinery clean and free of dust, filings, oil and other waste material?

  • Are lubrication labels, gauge limitations, bolt tighten-to-her marks and other visible indicators used?

  • Are all of the tools, materials, gauges and other things stored neatly and kept clean?

  • Are power lines, water lines, hydraulic lines and other lines neatly and properly handled?

  • Is the energy and other resource conservation practiced?

  • Are oils properly selected and properly replaced or filtered at the appropriate intervals?

  • Select cases when equipment diagnosis techniques are used

  • Specify

  • Is the equipment control closely integrated with production volume and scheduling?

  • Is equipment control closely integrated with quality control?


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