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  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Exterior Cleanliness

  • Is signage in place, in good repair and clearly visible?

  • Does the landscaping appear to be clean and well maintained?

  • Do the sidewalks appear to be clean and in good condition?

  • Does the building appear to be clean and in good condition? (including windows)

  • Attach photos of location exterior

Interior Cleanliness

  • Are the restrooms clean and stocked? Free of odor? Seats Secure?

  • Are the floors, tables and seating clean and in good condition?

  • Are the trash containers clean and in good condition? Liners tucked? No odors?

  • Is the front counter clean and clutter free?

  • Is all lighting working and in good repair?

  • Is the playground area clean and well maintained?

  • Attach photos of location interior

Product Observations

  • What product(s) did you order?

  • Was your order prepared correctly?

  • Attach photographs of your order

Team Members & Drive-Thru

  • Are all employees practicing good hygiene and grooming standards?

  • Are all managers wearing a complete uniform?

  • Are all food handlers wearing gloves?

  • Does this location have drive-thru facilities?

Drive Thru Experience

  • Was the order taker on script and professional?

  • Did the order taker try to up sell?

  • Did you see a smile at the window?

  • Did the employee say thank you?

  • Was a parting phrase used?

  • Was the drive thru time acceptable?

  • What was the drive-thru time? (please record)

Kitchen Cleanliness

  • Are the floors, walls and baseboards clean and in good condition?

  • Is all lighting working and in good repair? No bugs, dust or cracked lenses.

  • Is the microwave clean?

  • Are fryer surfaces clean and free of grease build up?

  • Are the fryers clean and free of carbon and grease build up?

  • Is all refrigerated equipment clean and functioning properly? Gaskets, fan guard, shelving, stocked correctly, no expired products.

  • Are all storage areas clean and organized? Box flaps, shelving labeled.

  • Is the prep area and equipment clean and well maintained?

  • Is the break/training area clean and organized?

Restaurant Safety and Processes

  • Are temperature checks being completed as required?

  • Is the cleaning calendar being utilized as intended on a daily basis?

  • Is the communication board set up and used correctly? Is all information up to date?

  • Is cross-contamination not apparent In any stations or storage areas?

  • Are all health inspection violations corrected within 10 days of the citation?

  • Are cookouts and temperature checks Recorded consistently and correctly?

  • Is the restaurant free of any rodent, insect and pest activity?

  • Is the restaurant free of other critical food safety violations? (drains backed up, reverberator screens, all chemicals labeled)

Comments and Sign-Off

  • Auditor General Comments and Findings

  • Attach any further media if required

  • Auditor Signature

  • By signing this form you acknowledge the following; that you have reviewed this report with the auditor, that you have 10 days to correct any of the negative findings in this report. Failure to correct negative findings within the specified time will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

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