Team Performance Board

  • 1) Current Management LPA results: - Previous LPA results recorded in the 'Management LPA Review' section and copy posted inside

  • 2) Management Board Review: - Management Board Review was completed in the previous week

  • 3) Red/Green Shift Results: - Numeric and Red/Green shift results for the last 24hrs have been recorded

  • 4) Countermeasure/Containment Actions: - Where target not met - Occurrence date, containment/corrective actions and owner

  • 5) Action Lists: - All SQTCM and audit actions listed on the front of the board are also captured on the appropriate Actions Log inside the board

  • 6) 5S & SWI Audit Trends: - 5S & SWI Audit results have been updated to Schedule/Trend Graphs


  • 7) Safety Hazards: - No trip / slip hazards

  • Please correct immediately.

  • 8) Ergonomics : - Are ergo items in place and utilized such as ergo matting, proper tools etc.

  • 9) Fire Safety: - Exit route clearly posted, route not blocked

  • Please correct immediately

  • 10) PPE: - Required PPE being worn by all TM's as per SWI/area standard

  • Please correct immediately


  • 11) Quality Assurance Tools: - POKEYOKES, ANDONS >> Are pokeyokes verified today? Bypassed?

  • Please address immediately

  • 12) Mutilation Protection: - MUTILATION protection being worn by all TM's as per SWI /area standard

  • Please address immediately

  • 13) Keypoints: - Select a recent Quality Alert/Mod Bulletin and ask an operator to confirm their understanding

  • 14) Visual Aides: - boundary / defect samples available

  • Please address immediately


  • 15) Work Zones identified: - work area, stations are visibly identified / shadow boxed

  • 16) Over-Production: - no parts or components on floor

  • 17) Tooling / Equipment / Computers / Printers: - clean & in good working condition

  • 18) Tour Readiness: - Is work cell in a World Class tour ready state?

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