• Manual Handling Risk Assessment No.

  • Task(s) being assessed

  • Site Conducted

  • Date conducted

  • HSE & employee/s taking part in Assessment:

Task Details

  • Risk assessment commenced on:

  • Tasks being assessed:

  • Task
  • Task (or steps involved in task)

  • Does the task involve hazardous manual handling (Select any that apply)

  • If you selected any of the hazardous manual handling descriptions for a task, you must implement controls to manage the risk associated with that hazardous manual handling.

Exposure to the equipment

What needs to be fixed to control the risk?

  • Can you stop doing the task or part of the task?

  • How?

  • Can you eliminate or reduce the risks by doing one or more of these things?<br>Altering the work area design and layout?<br>Altering the equipment, machinery and loads handled?<br>Altering the workplace environment?<br>Changing the work organisation, work practices or systems?

  • How?

  • What information, instruction, training and supervision is necessary to make the new procedure work properly?

  • Can you reduce the risk with information, instruction, training and supervision?

  • How?

Actions requiured / implemented

Actions required / implemented

  • Tick the relevant boxes below

  • Above controls implemented

  • No further action required

  • Develop Manual Handling Procedures?

  • What procedures are required?

  • Manual Handling procedures implemented.

  • Ongoing Monitoring

  • What is required to be monitored?

  • Training required

  • What training is required?

  • Seek Manual Handling assistance from HSE?

  • Bonney Energy HSE Manager: Alana Saward
    Ph: 03) 64241471 or 0419 293 360

  • Further controls required?

  • What further controls are required?

  • Controls
  • Control

  • Manual Handling task is safe to commence. All required actions have been taken:

  • Name

  • Position

  • Date risk assessment completed

  • This risk assessment should be reviewed on:

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