Are employees wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for their task and location?

Are machine guards in place and functioning properly?

Do workers follow standard safety procedures, using movements that reduce ergonomic risks?

Is loose clothing tucked in and long hair tied back?

Are safety equipment and facilities such as fire extinguishers and eye-washing stations easily accessible and in working order?

Materials and Tools

Does each workstation have the right materials and tools in the right quantity?

Are operators utilizing the tools and materials in the correct order?

Are tools and materials in good working condition?


Are operators moving in the most efficient manner? (Add note for possible improvements)

Are assembly operations uniform?

Is the process efficient enough considering the available resources?


Is this the best location in the plant for achieving this station’s objective?

Does the location fit into your process in terms of shipping, receiving and safety?

Does the station have the appropriate equipment and fixtures for the task?

Are error-proofing devices available and functioning correctly?

Reporting Process

Are employees aware of the correct reporting procedure for safety, quality, and efficiency concerns?

Do operators have direct access to manufacturing engineers to give feedback on work instructions?

Are reported problems documented and corrected quickly, or is there a delay?

Documentation of Processes

Are all employees following the same standard work documentation process?

Can operators access the most recent instructions?

Are operators reviewing standard instructions regularly and do they actually understand the process?

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