[SAMPLE ONLY. You may customize this template based on your business requirements]

For the purpose of example, this manufacturing SOP is for (instant coffee manufacturing)

The purpose of this SOP is to ensure that the correct steps are taken to roast, freeze-dry, and process coffee beans to produce instant coffee.


The scope of a manufacturing SOP answers the following questions:

1. Where is the SOP to be used? e.g. area, process, department, stage? --- (roasting and packing of coffee)
2. Who is the SOP for? e.g. operator, manager, QA --- (as a guide for operators, as compliance verification for managers)
3. Are there any specific limitations or exceptions to this SOP? (This only applies to instant coffee manufacturing. There is a separate SOP for processing and packing fresh brew)


Workers wear PPE/sanitary clothing before entering the production floor?

Are vents activated prior to turning on industrial machines?

Is the oven set at 200 degrees celsius for the initial roasting of coffee beans?

Is the coffee freezing hall set to -50 degrees Celsius?

Are workers putting on thermal clothing before entering the coffee freezing hall?

Do workers spend less than 10 minutes at a time in the freezing hall?

Is the low pressure vacuum set at 60 degrees Celsius?

Do workers perform inspections during assembly line production? (Checking conformity to specs and for visual defects)

Do workers perform final inspections before products are packed in boxes?

Full Name and Signature of Employee