Safety Programs and Policies

  • Does the company have a safety manual?

  • Are employees aware that they exist?


  • OSHA Postings

  • Contact Information

  • 300a Location, posted February - April?

Emergency Action Plans

  • Are plans properly posted?
    Can be done orally if under 10 employees.

  • Employees trained?

  • How often are fire drills/severe weather drills performed?


  • Are exit routes properly marked?

  • Are at least two exit routes available?

  • Exit routes clear and least seven feet six inches high and 28 inches wide.

  • Adequate lighting?


  • Is first aid equipment available on site.

  • Are first aid kit properly stocked?

  • Are first aid trained coworkers on site?

  • Are coworkers aware of the address of the site and capable of giving directions to emergency crew


  • Do the coworkers know the location of the master SDS book?

  • Are SDS sheets maintained on each product in use?

  • Are SDS labels on each chemical container that is unmarked.?

  • Are coworkers properly trained on hazardous chemicals present?


  • Is general neatness of working areas acceptable?

  • Is good housekeeping observed?

  • Are passageways and walkways clear and free of debris?

  • Are waste and trash containers provided and used?

  • Are boxes stored at least 18" below the ceiling?

  • Are racks/shelves rated with the load capacity?


  • Are safety glasses being used?

  • Are coworkers using proper hand protection?

  • Is hearing protection required?

  • Has noise dosimetry testing been done?

  • Are hard hats being worn when needed?

  • Are face shields being used when there are flying objects?

  • Are respirators being used?

  • Has air quality testing been done?

  • Are they mandatory or voluntary

  • If mandatory have the employees had medical evaluations and fit testing?

  • If using cartridges are they being changed?

  • Are the masks/cartridges stored in a sanitary condition?


  • Does an exposure control plan exist?

  • Proper disposal for sharps?

  • Annual BBP training?


  • Are extinguishers readily accessible?

  • Do fire extinguishers have current inspection tags?

  • Is there a clear path to fire hydrants for the fire deparment?

  • Are "No Smoking" signs posted where needed?

  • Are all flammable liquid containers clearly identified?

  • Have gas cylinders been chained upright with valve caps securely fastened?


  • Are extension cords free of nicks, gouges or cuts?

  • Are cords ends inspected for proper grounded prongs?

  • Are power cords protected in traffic ways?

  • Are GFCI's being used?


  • At least 3 feet of clearance in front of panel?

  • Are panels properly labeled?

  • Panels are not missing breakers or knock out plugs?

  • There are no strain relief issues on the electrical panel?

Lock-Out Tag-Out

  • Does a LOTO safety policy exist?

  • Does the program include machine specific LOTO procedures?

Fall Protection

  • Are all walking working surfaces protected?

  • Are all holes covered or guarded?

  • Are guardrails the proper height?

Material Handling

  • Does the company have a forklift operations safety programs?

  • Does the forklift training consist of classroom and practical exams?

  • How often are operators trained?

  • Are forklift operators operating the forklifts safely during the visit?

  • Have carbon monoxide measurements been taken of areas that the forklifts operate in?

  • If battery changing stations are present: Is the proper PPE provided?

  • Is there an eye washing station nearby?

  • Have inspections been done on lifts or hoists used in the workplace?

  • Are all straps and chains used for rigging in good condition?


  • Is all equipment properly to guarded?

  • Are hand and power tools properly guarded?

Aerial Lifts

  • Are aerial lifts inspected on a regular basis?

  • Are the operator's manuals on the lifts?

  • Is the required fall protection used with the lift?

Other Issues

  • We're there any other issues noted?


  • I agree to follow-up with anyone corrective action items.

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