Quayside Hull & Security

Standard of external appearance from the quayside?

Are proactive plans/step in place to improve the vessel appearance?

Is gangway set/operation up as per ISPS/SMS requirements?

Notify SECO and/or Staff Captain of observations

SMT Introduction & Engagement

Was formal SMT meeting/intro arranged?

Were further meetings/appointments arranged for later in the visit?

Was a formal timetable agenda agreed/discussed?

Over the course of the day how was the dynamic of SMT perceived?

Bridge Operation & Manning

Is the Bridge team operation a circadian watchkeeping system?

Which system is in place and is the Bridge team positive toward the system adopted?

Have any of the Bridge Team voiced their concerns and if so has there been feed back or action?

Is the Bridge Equipment in good order?

Is there a timely solution in place?

Does a cursory check of the Daily/OLB reveal any concerns discrepancies?

Highlight to the OOW/SC and the Master at any debrief

Is the future itinerary planning progressing at required rate/standard?

Discuss situation with SC/Master

1st Officer (Deck)

Ask current challenges/issues/concerns?

Walk open passenger deck raise any observations.

Deck Store - stowage/cleanliness/PPE

Paint Store - stowage/MSDS/Flammable Lockers

Chemical Store - stowage/separation/bunding/MSDS/PPE

Ask Status of tank inspections?

Detail specific issue and actions to close out or improve status

Status of mooring/anchoring equipment?

Detail specific issues and actions

Status of deck machinery/gangways

Detail specific issues and actions

Vessel stability management knowledge/secondary station.

Safety Officer

Ask current issues/challenges/concerns

Check training status

Detail and discuss concerns with officer then SC/Master at debrief.

Check quality of IR process

Detail and discuss concerns with officer then SC/Master at debrief.

Status of PMS/AMOS e.g. organisation, overdue WO, knowledge.

Detail and discuss concerns with office then SC/Master at debrief.

Walk the vessel encompassing key areas in relation to the role

Portable FFE - Extinguishers, Hoses, Hydrants etc

Fire Lockers - BA, comms, housekeeping

Safety Signage - Style, age, placement.

LSA - Boats/Tender

LSA - Liferafts

LSA - Davits

LSA - Miscellaneous e.g. PFD, Lifebuoys, Ladders/Decent Units

Emergency Generator Room

Fixed Fire Fighting Systems

During walk around encompass high risk areas

Deck Store

Mooring Stations



Working Alleyway


Bunker Stations

Broadcast/AV Centre



Machinery Spaces

Engage with CEO to visit Machinery Spaces.

Reasons for curtailing access e.g. work in progress, hazards.

Was the formal entry control process in operation e.g. tag, visitors book etc.

Discuss with CEO then SC/Master at debrief.

Was PPE offered/checked prior to entry in to Machinery Spaces?

Discuss with EOOW and CEO then Master/SC at debrief

Systematically pass through all machinery spaces - Stowage/Cleanliness/Plates/FFE/PPE

ME Room

AE Room

Purifier Flat

PEM Room

Stabilizer Flat

AC Flat

Sewage Treatment Plant

Evaporators/RO Plant

Steering Gear

Bow/Stern Thruster


Incinerator Room

Technical Stores

Environmental Officer

Ask current challenges/issues/concerns

Review and check latest Environmental Assessment GOF-7.1 actions and details contained within.

Discuss with Officer then SC/Master at debrief.

Visit areas relevant to the role

Garbage Management Facility

Defective Waste Stream management equipment

SOPEP Locker/Store

Incinerator Room

Chemical Lockers of note

Master's/SMT De Brief

Were observations highlighted and discussed?

Were any actions agreed and recorded?

Draft report shared with vessel?

Reason report not shared?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.