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    1. Please answer "Compliant" or "Non-Compliant" on the questions below.
    2. Add Photos in "Images" and Comments in "Notes" of each question.
    3. Add a Corrective Measure in "Action." Provide a description, assign to a member, set priority, and due date
    4. Complete the audit by providing a digital signature
    5. Share your report by exporting as PDF, Word, Excel or Web Link.

Section 2 - Layout of Premises and Workspace

  • 1 Is there effective segregation between high and low risk manufacturing areas?

  • 2 Are all internal surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, wall-floor junctions etc.) easy-to-clean, and in sound condition?

  • 3 Do floors facilitate drainage of water without any areas of pooling?

  • 4 Is there evidence of flaking paint on walls & ceilings?

  • 5 Are all glass windows protected against breakage and in sound condition (e.g. shatterproof)?

  • 6 Are all external doors kept closed when not in use?

  • 7 Are there signs of visible light detected through man doors and/or dock doors? If so, update comment section with door # and area e.g. door #52 in the lab leading to outside.

  • 8 Are raw materials and in process products protected from dirt, condensation, drains, waste and other sources of contamination?

  • 9 Are all raw materials and finished product stored off of the floor?

  • 10 Are chemicals and other hazardous substances segregated and secured in a locked area?

Section 3 - Utilities - Air, Water, Energy

  • 1 Is there hot and cold running water in all manufacturing areas? (i.e. sinks, hygiene stations.)

  • 2 Are there light fixtures that are burned out that require replacement? Are light fixtures shatter proof?

  • 3 Are air hoses kept coiled, off the floor and well maintained?

  • 4 Is there evidence of inadequate ventilation leading to the formation of condensation, steam buildup, dust or odors?

  • 5 SiG Initiative: Ensure factory taps and hoses are not left running.

Section 4 - Waste Disposal

  • 1 Are all garbage and scrap totes clearly marked, covered and stored in a designated area?

  • 2 Is the area kept clean and free from rubbish and equipment not in use?

  • 3 Are all drains covered to avoid risk of contamination?

Section 5 - Equipment Suitability, Cleaning & Maintenance

  • 1 Is production equipment maintained in clean and sanitary condition, and in good repair?

  • 2 Are there any leaks from exhaust, ducts, closed conveyor systems etc.? (e.g. tallow, caramel, digest, water)

  • 3 Are all food contact surfaces clean and in sound condition?

  • 4 Are the cleaning tasks completed as scheduled on the Sanitation Board?

  • 5 Are clearly labelled food-grade lubricants used in production area?

  • 6 Are non-food grade and food grade chemicals separated in all areas? Give details of the type of chemicals found, if any.

  • 7 Are there temporary fixes (i.e. tape, cardboard, burlap) on equipment or structures including forklifts, workstations, desktops, etc.?

  • 8 Are forklifts, scissor lifts, hand trolleys, carts free of kibble and other garbage, well maintained and free of leaks?

  • 9 Are tools and parts organized and clean?

Section 7 - Measures for Prevention of Cross Contamination

  • 1 Are all raw ingredients, packaging, in-process, and finished product materials clearly labelled and identifiable and STORED off the floor?

  • 2 Is the area clear of packaging material not currently being used?

  • 3 Are color reference samples available for all product made in the relevant areas?

  • 4 Is there evidence of broken or damage wooden pallets in use?

  • 5 Is there any evidence of broken glass, hard plastic or other brittle material such as Lexan guards, elevator buckets? If so, escalate immediately to Q&FS Team.

  • 6 Is there any evidence of broken glass, hard plastic or other brittle material?

  • 7 Are there any loose nuts, bolts, washers, pens, markers, etc.? Please add details if any found.

  • 8 Are all pallets clean, dry, and free from any potential contaminants?

  • 9 Are metal shavings in the maintenance shop disposed of after completion of work? Maintenance Shop: Are metal shavings disposed of after completion of work?

  • 10 Is the sticky mat at the maintenance shop doorway entrance intact and effective? Maintenance Shop: Is the sticky mat at doorway entrance intact?

Section 8 - Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • 1 When not in use, are all cleaning tools properly stored in a safe and sanitary manner? (i.e. brooms, scraping tools, vacuums, water hoses, shovels, Eco Wipes)

  • 2 Are cleaning chemicals clearly labelled and stored separately from food and packaging materials?

  • 3 Are cleaning tools clean and fit for use? E.g. are the shovels dirty? Are the bristles for the broom clean and straight?

  • 4 Are the cleaning tools approved for use and storage in the zones in which they are found? e.g. yellow tools in yellow zones?

  • 5 Is there evidence of production debris and spillage not being cleaned promptly or disposed of adequately? (Is "clean as you go" being followed?)

Section 9 - Pest Control

  • 1 Are all pest control devices present, operational, and in good condition?

  • 2 Are any holes visible on structure or equipment surfaces that would allow access for insects or pests?

  • 3 Are all materials stacked away from the walls to allow sufficient space for cleaning and inspection for pest activity?

  • 4 Have you observed any live/dead pest activity in the area, e.g. birds, ants, warehouse beetles, etc.? If so, please add details (location, type of pest and number of pests) to comment section and escalate immediately to Q&FS Team.

Section 10 - Personnel Hygiene and Employee Facilities

  • 1 Are there adequate hand-washing facilities which are provided with hot and cold water, non-perfumed bactericidal liquid soap, and drying facilities?

  • 2 Are any employees wearing jewelry or other loose objects?

  • 3 Is there any evidence of eating, drinking or smoking occurring in non-designated areas? (Check garbage's)

  • 4 Are employees wearing all required PPEs properly in production areas?

  • 5 Are employees dressed in Mars approved uniforms that are in good condition? Are bump caps clean? Are shirts tucked in? Are there writing on shirt sleeves?

  • 6 Is facial hair short and trimmed? If left untrimmed, is it covered with a beard net? Are associates hair above the shoulder tied up and under your bump cap?

  • 7 Are associates free of noticeable perfumes and colognes?

  • 8 Are associates nails, short, clean, free of nail polish, and fake nails?

  • 9 Are employees engaging in any unsanitary activity (i.e. associate is sick/coughing while handling product)

Section 11 - Rework

  • 1 Is regrind/rework properly stored, segregated and clearly labelled to allow traceability?


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