Safety Documentation

Has workforce attended Site Induction? (Detail who has delivered it *Client or Foreman*)

Are Method Statements and Risk Assessments available on site

Have Method Statements and Risk Assessments been communicated to workforce (and signatures obtained)

Are CoSHH Assessments for Materials/Substances available on site?

Are copies of training records/certificates available on site (CSCS/CPCS/NPORS/First Aid/SSSTS/SMSTS/Asbestos/JIB/NRASWA/PASMA/confined space etc)

Are copies of Inspection & Maintenance for Plant/Equipment available of site and in date?

Are copies of LoLER Inspection records available and in date?

Where required, are Permit's To Work in place?

Have Tool Box Talks been delivered & signatures obtained?

Have weekly Site Inspections been carried out?

Are there copies of Company Policies available on site?

Site Set Up / Management

Is there a copy of the F10 posted on site (Main Contractor)

Is there a First Aider on Site? (Who/Name)

Is Welfare Provided? (Toilet/washing/Canteen)

Is Public Safety adequately controlled? (Detail who by & how)

Is the Site Traffic Management Plan being managed/observed?

Are traffic routes free of excessive slurry & S/T/F hazards?

Is there a secure area for storage of plant/materials/substances during times when site is closed?

Plant & Equipment

Have Daily Inspections of Plant/Equipment been carried out and findings recorded?

Electrical equipment PAT test in date (3 monthly)

Electricity @ 110V or RCD?

Cables in good visual condition?

Are Beacons in Good Working Order?

Are Mirrors clean & free from damage?

Are lights in working order/free from damage?

Are Audible Alarms working (where installed)?

Are warning signs affixed and legible (noise/PPE/SWL/Quick Hitch etc)?

Are guards suitable, sufficient & correctly affixed?

Are handrails suitable & sufficient (embarking/disembarking from plant)?

Is ancillary safety controls being used (eg water suppression for still saw/respiratory protection/hearing protection)

Are seatbelt's in good working order? (No fraying/locked/tied off)

Are seatbelt's being worn by Plant Operators (Dumper, Roller etc)

Where required, are Banks-men assisting plant/vehicles?


Is good house-keeping being practised?

Are tools & equipment stored in close/safe proximity to working area?

Is 'interface' with other trades being suitably controlled?

When working near 'services' has HSG47 been followed? (CAT scan, Stat Dwg, Marked)

Are excavations (or other hazardous areas) de-marked/barriers erected?

Excavations - gas detection, inspections logged, confine space trained personnel?

Excavations - hand digging only permitted 500mm within services, is this being observed?

Stored material - safe distance from edges of excavations? Angle of repose?

Safe points if access / egress to areas of work

Is Traffic Management (Chapter 8) being operated

Chapter 8 - who is responsible for managing? Do they hold NRASWA Qualification?

Scaffold/Working Platforms - scafftags & inspections carried out/posted?

Safe points of access/egress for works at height

Personal Protective Equipment

All personnel wearing Hard Hat/Bump Cap?

All personnel Hi-visibility vest/jacket/coat (and trousers where working on road)?

All personnel wearing suitably protective boots/wellingtons?

Additional PPE requirements as identified in task Risk/CoSHH Assessments & Site Rules:
Eye Protection
Respiratory Protection

Are all personnel wearing PPE Correctly (non conforming -wooly hat/hood under hard hat)?

Is PPE clean? (Hi-vis, visible?; clean ear defenders/dust masks?)

Ancillary Safety Controls / Equipment

Is a First Aid Kit available (with suitable supplies)?

Is Fire Fighting Equipment Available (in addition to Client Site Control, i.e. 3M from bitumen burner)

Are barriers/demarcation sited around bitumen burner?


Have all additional considerations/hazards been adequately managed and controlled?

Consultation with Workforce (suggestions/concerns etc)


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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.