Run end of period report & ensure variance is less than £50 for last 12 weeks

Daily arrears being managed correctly

90 day plus arrears should be less than previous 90 days

Floats correct and cash deposited correctly

All money on account allocated correctly

CCT flat or below last year

F and B Stock

Weekly stock checks completed without fail and discrepancies investigated fully

Vending machines all full and floated up

No out of date food in stock

Most recent actions required from NSF in progress or completed on time

All orders, deliveries, and stock in transit accepted/added to Orbis

Correct table talkers/menus out for time of day


All league tables, fair play and league cup tables in date, printed and displayed correctly

Check that all league seasons in LTMS have been checked to continue from previous seasons

All results up to date on LTMS

Overall League performance 75% + & evidence of performance management for individual leagues below 75%

Rollover management evidenced

Referee E learning up to date

Referee meeting minutes documented & assessments up to date

Team sheets signed

League service call review

League cup or no points

Club discipline file up to date

Effective league team management

Trial games – prep sheet completed and filed for all trial games

All league managers to have attended or be booked on current league training


100% of due training modules completed by all staff

Licensing folder up to date with training records signed and saved for all serving staff & section 57 signed by all and displayed

Evidence of performance management

Values living and breathing

Management meeting minutes & business plan weekly reviews completed

All new starter paperwork sent on time to get employee on maxtime as early as possible and correct details added to form

H and S

Managers on duty have panic alarm on person & no spares kept on site

Prime up to date with all accidents & RM informed of any staff accidents or RIDDOR of any sort

All pitch check sheets completed with notes showing any repairs completed

Goals posts all secured

All fire extinguishers in place and pins still secure

Check legionnaires file is up to date & signed where relevant

All daily, monthly, quarterly and 6 month fire checks completed

Defib status is OK and spare batteries and pads available

Fire exit signs above all fire doors and directional signs pitchside

All temperature checks of fridge/freezers and probe checks on food completed and filed correctly

Child welfare and safeguarding certificates on site and in date for one member of staff/management

Coaches consolidation check sheet up to date

Pitch Arenas

Rubber crumb well distributed and levels good

Goals post painted, in good condition and secured safely in position

Black netting / roof netting in good repair

Boards painted and in good state of repair

Floodlights all working and in correct position

Are all corridors free from litter without any H&S concerns

Pitch surfaces in good condition with no major rips or seam damage that could devalue playing experience or large surface deviations

Pitch fencing/mesh wiring in a good state of repair

Goal nets new or clean and in a good state of repair

Arena bins available, clean and not overflowing with rubbish

Cleanliness and First impressions

Is perimeter fencing in good repair

Are the banners appropriate, clean, taught of the same level and visible

Are there the right quantity of banners, directional and informative signs

Are all the signs clean, functional and appropriate

Is car park lining visible including speed bumps

Are drainage channels clear and covers secure

Are the lights and lit signs fully working (including car park)

Are all areas free of weeds and leaves

Are all walkways free of chewing gum

Are all areas free of litter including cigarette butts

Are all grass areas tidy and cut

Are all flower beds (if applicable) or shrubs tidy, groomed and maintained

Are all kerbs, slabs and paths clean, maintained and safe

Are bins available, empty clean and functional

Is the smoking area (if applicable) away from the approach to the door, clean, sheltered (even partially) and free from butts and ash

Is fencing around the shrubs or grass areas in good condition

Are disabled bays free of staff vehicles

Are bike sheds (if applicable) clean, well maintained and offering secure anchor points

Are front doors and windows clean and well maintained

Is the exterior of the building, including doors, free of scuffs, graffiti and not in need of painting

Are the vending machines fully stocked, fitted correctly, with products facing forward, and all areas clean and dispensing change

Cleanliness Foyer Reception

Are the floors clean and maintained with no cracked tiles

Are all notice boards current and business appropriate

Is the ceiling painted and clean

Are all the lights working

Is the reception counter adequately varnished/stained and cleaned

Are all bins clean and with lids on

No clutter visible to the customer behind and on the reception desk

Are displays current , relevant and presentable

Are there enough bibs and footballs out for the day that are clean and of good standards

Are skirting boards all clean, in good repair and free from dust

Does the area smell fresh

Are the televisions working, clean and showing appropriate channels for the time of day and customers.

Do the Adactus Ads work on 2 TVs and is the information relevant

Are all wall graphics free from scuffs, rips and marks

Are the dedicated notice boards showing up to date info for referees, fair play, league cup and every division

Are all posters either in frames or notice boards behind clear laminate

Are all interior doors, walls and glass clean

Is there only Goals branding or appropriate partner branding on display

Is the reception hatch down, able to be secured and fit for purpose (if applicable).

Are the entrance carpets/mats clean and safe

Cleanliness toilets

Are the entrance doors clean, in good working order and labelled correctly

Is the toilet floor clean and well maintained

Are the ventilation units clean, clear and working

Are any radiators covered, clean and painted

Are urinals clean and well maintained. Including supporting wall/panel and with pea waves.

Is there a sanitary towel bin available and in good working order

Is the sink/vanity unit clean and maintained

Is the baby changing equipment clean and in good working order

Is the water pressure correct and the flow long enough with no loose taps or those that switch off by themselves.

Are all toilet cubicles clean and well maintained

Are ceilings and ceiling tiles clean/painted

Are all toilet door locks all working. With secure seats and toilet brushes removed.

Are all posters up to date and behind laminate

Are all walls clean and painted

Are all lights working

Is toilet roll available in the dispensers

Is there soap available for each sink

Is the hand drier working correctly, clean and well maintained

Cleanliness – Changing rooms

Is all lighting working

Is heating/extraction working

Are all lockers functional and working

Are all lockers clean

Are all changing benches clean and in a good state of repair

Is the changing room floor clean

Are the walls and ceilings well painted in the correct colours, and with clean air vents

Are the showers working and hot

Are the showerheads and pipes free from lime scale

Is the shower ceiling, well painted

Are the tiles/white rock clean and grease free

Are the shower gully’s and grate clean with a clear drain and fresh smell

Are the posters current

Are display frames clear of paint/marks

Are shower curtains/cubicles (where applicable) and walls clean

Are bins available

Is the fire exit door functional (where applicable)

Cleanliness – KP room

Is the air conditioning and heating working

Is all lighting operational

Are tables and chairs arranged properly

Are tables and chairs safe

Are tables and chairs clean

Is the floor clean and hoovered

Are the TVs/DVDs available and the sound system working

Is the TV shelf clean, tidy and free from clutter

Are the walls painted well and in the correct colours

Are the posters correct

Do the electrical sockets have safety plugs

Are the air vents clean

Are display frames clear of paint/marks

Is the room set up for kids parties so that customers can be shown around

Is KP birthday boy/girl display poster available in the room

Cleanliness bar / lounge

Are the windows, frames and gully’s clean and well maintained

Is the furniture set up and per the seating plan

Are windows clean and free from marks

Is the fixed and non-fixed seating safe and secure

Are walls free from sellotape and blu tac

Is all seating clean

Are bar tables safe and secure

Are TVs, plasma screens working, clean and free from smears

Are bar tables clean

Is the flooring and carpet clean, undamaged and not sticky

Are all emergency exit routes clear, obstruction free and signage in good repair

Is all lighting operational

Is the air conditioning/heating working

Are the air vents clean

Are sound systems working

Are the posters correct

Are the walls and ceilings well painted and to correct colours

Are display frames clear of marks/paint

Is bar ambience in line with guide

Are fire escape signs and emergency push bars in good condition

KP room cleanliness

Is the air conditioning & heating working

Is all lighting operational?

Are tables & chairs arranged properly?

Are tables & chairs clean?
Is the floor clean & hoovered?
Are the TVs/DVD available & the sound system working?
Are the walls painted well & in the correct colours?
Are the posters correct?
Do the electrical sockets have safety plugs?
Are the air vents clean?
Are display frames clear of paint/marks?
Is the room set up for kids parties so that customers can be shown around?
Is KP birthday boy/girl display poster available in the room?
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.