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Inspection Area


  • No evidence of food or drink, tobacco in any area other than designated areas. Only office/breakroom for food/drinks

  • There is no standing piles of product or other debris on floors/equipment throughout the department

  • All hoses and other stored items are picked up off the floor and covered (if needed) and stored away properly

  • All trash cans/dumpsters/carts are emptied frequently to prevent odors and insect activity

  • There is no standing water in the area, which prevents any odor, insect or microbial activity

  • Walls, ceilings, piping, etc. are clean and free of debris or mold

  • All chemicals/lubricants are labeled and stored properly in (locked) cabinets

  • No evidence of oil or grease leaking into product zones

  • All employees are using/or have proper PPE on in the area

Tools/Secondary Storage:

  • Noncontact product and product contact tools/parts are clean, color coded(if applicable) and properly stored

  • Secondary storage containers (buckets included) are clean and labeled for what they are being used for

  • Storage cabinets/ lockers are clean, orderly and not cluttered with items that do not belong; locked when required

  • All lids, access points are capped/closed/secure/locked as needed

  • Maintenance/Contractors have cleaned up tools, nuts, washers, bolts, welding leads, etc. after working on equipment

Pest Control:

  • Exterior of building is free from debris, trash and foliage

  • Doors are kept closed when not in use and windows are screened (if open) to prevent pests from entering the plant

  • Vents have proper guarding to prevent pests from entering the building

  • Traps are checked and documented based on service agreement frequency (ensures sufficient tracking of pests)

  • There is no clutter in the area that could potentially become a pest harborage area

  • No evidence of pest activity (droppings, feathers, etc.). Includes insect trails/webbing on equipment, walls, or ceilings

Building Structure:

  • The lighting is in good repair and adequate throughout the department

  • The stairs, walls, floors, overheads and other structures in the department are in good repair. (NO leaks or NO damage present)

  • The department is free of peeling paint in all areas

  • All doors and windows are in good repair/screened and are able to close

  • No Yellow tape on spouting/equipment longer than 45 days. Temporary repair is initialed and dated

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