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  • CHECK the extinguisher is conspicuous, readily accessible and in its assigned location. All extinguishers types

  • CHECK that the anti-tamper device is intact. All extinguishers types

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  • CHECK that the extinguisher is clean and the operating instructions are legible. All extinguishers types

  • CHECK that the extinguisher, including any attachments, is not damaged All extinguishers types

  • WEIGH the extinguisher to determine that it is fully charged. All extinguisher types

  • CHECK that the exterior of the extinguisher is not pitted or otherwise damaged by corrosion (see All extinguishers types

  • CHECK that the hose is securely fitted, the nozzle is securely attached, the assembly is free from obstruction, and the hose shows no cracking or other signs of damage or deterioration. All extinguishers types

  • Where fitted, CHECK that the pressure indicator is legible, and registering within the operable range. All extinguishers types

  • CHECK that the service tag or label is firmly attached to the extinguisher. All extinguishers types

  • CHECK that the location sign is visible in accordance with AS 2444. All extinguishers types

  • CHECK that the appropriate support bracket is securely attached to wall or other suitable feature. All extinguishers types

  • CHECK that the appropriate discharge nozzle is fitted and is not blocked or damaged. All extinguishers types

  • CHECK that the discharge nozzle is not blocked and that the control valve is functional. All wheeled extinguishers

  • INVERT the extinguisher and ensure that the powder remains free flowing. Powder (stored pressure), powder (gas container)

  • DETERMINE that the compressed gas container is the correct size and type, in good condition, fully charged, and subjected to service as per AS 2030.5. All gas container extinguishers

  • DETERMINE, where possible and without discharging any contents, that the actuating device is free of corrosion, moves freely and is undamaged. Water (stored pressure), wet chemical, foam (stored pressure), powder (stored pressure), carbon dioxide, vaporizing liquid

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Wheeled Fire extinguishers

  • DETERMINE that pneumatic tyres, where fitted, are pressurized to the recommended pressure.<br>All wheeled extinguishers

  • CHECK that the carriage assembly is functional and free from corrosion. All wheeled extinguishers<br>

  • CHECK that the extinguisher moves readily on its wheels by rolling it for a distance of at least 5 m. All wheeled extinguishers

  • LUBRICATE wheel bearings (where applicable). All wheeled extinguishers

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