• Operator Observed:

  • System:

  • Task being completed by the operator

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  • Select date

Works Assessment

Section 1: PPE & Workwear

  • Can the employee explain correctly "What PPE they should be wearing in this location"

  • Observation - Is operator wearing correct PPE [head to toe check?] & is it in good condition

Section 2: Accidents & First-Aid

  • Can the employees correctly describe what initial actions they should take in the event of an accident and do they know where the fire assembly point is?

  • Can the employee correctly describe who are the first aiders in the area

Section 3: Competency & Training

  • Has the employee received all the necessary training to complete the tasks they are expected to carry out

  • Are there any recommendations for further training?

Section 4: Working Practice

  • Observation - Is employee paying due care & attention whilst carrying out the task?

  • Observation - Is the employee working safely and not posing a risk to themselves or others


  • Detail any follow up action required and who is responsible for carrying it out here:

  • Unit Leader

  • Operative


  • Any other considerations / comments

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