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Head End

  • Is the system earthed?

  • How many Head Ends are there on the system?

  • How many feeds dose the property have?

  • Make and model of system.

  • Attach a clear picture of the headend and close up pictures of the amp and switches.

  • What are you installing?

  • Attach a photo of the system with our equipments is installed.

  • What power method are you using?

  • Are all power levels between 65db-85db at the switch for a DCSS<br>Or 65db-100db on the splitter for the DSCR <br>and with a MER above 10 on all Transponders.

  • Have you sent of a copy of the logger to the Escalation Engineer?

Inside the property.

  • Are all the power levels above 52db and MER above 10 from the faceplate when checking in DSCR mode?

The reason for escalating?

  • Please use this section to explain the issue you are experiencing and what you have done yourself to resolve the issue.

Point of Escalation

  • Who was the TM you have spoken to?

Please sign and send via email to the on duty Escalation Engineer and your TM.

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