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Grass Maintenance


  • Is the grass height within the specified range?

  • Have clippings been removed?

  • Have edges been mechanically maintained so that grass does not protrude over the edge?

  • Is the grass in a “weed free” condition (No greater than 10%)?

  • Is irrigation being applied effectively?

  • Is the turf and any furniture and structures free of damage from mowing operations?

  • Is the turf free of damage caused by pest and disease, nutrient deficiencies or other environmental factors?

  • Has any damage caused by environmental factors been repaired using sound horticultural practice?

Garden Beds, Trees and Shrubs

Garden Beds

  • Are the garden beds in a “near as practicable” weed free condition?

  • Are the plants in a “near as practicable” pest and disease free condition?

  • Is the depth of mulch between 75 and 100mm?

  • Has the mulch been placed evenly so as to achieve a neat and tidy appearance?

  • Have spent or dying plants been removed?

  • Has irrigation being applied effectively to maintain plant health and vigour?

  • Have plants been pruned and clipped to maintain shape, health and vigour in accordance with good horticultural practice?

Trees and Shrubs

  • Have all dead trees and shrubs up to 2m high been removed?

  • Have all dead trees and shrubs over 2m in height been reported?

  • Have all hazardous trees been made safe and reported?

  • Have all fallen tree limbs (with a calliper width up to 150mm) been removed?

  • Are all pathways free of encroaching tree branches and shrubbery (to a distance of 500mm from the edge of the pathway)?

  • Are the minimum overhead vegetation clearances being maintained?<br>- Bicycle paths, carparks and playgrounds – 3.0m <br>- Footpaths and park furniture – 2.5m<br>

Park Furniture

Park Furniture

  • Furniture includes: park benches and seats, rubbish bins bollards, signposts and notice boards within the open space area including bicycle racks, drinking fountains, tree guards, fitness track apparatus

  • Is there furniture present at this site?

  • Is park furniture functional and in a safe condition?

  • Have all repairs nominated in the playground consultants report been actioned?

  • Is furniture clean and tidy?

  • Are drinking fountains operating correctly?

Litter and Graffiti

Litter and Grafitti

  • Is the site free of all loose litter and dumped rubbish (following contractor visit to site for any other activities)?

  • Is park furniture, play equipment and fences free of graffiti?

  • Has graffiti on other Council property (buildings and other structures) been reported?



  • Pathways include: All constructed pathways (both soft and hard surface). Excludes bridges, boardwalks, carparks and roads

  • Are there pathways present at this site?

  • Are the constructed and soft surface pathways in a safe trafficable condition for pedestrians, cyclists and other users?

  • Are ALL pathways in a clean and tidy condition free from litter, leaves, grass clippings and other debris?

  • Are all pathways free of weeds?

  • Are gravel and other soft surface pathways free of potholes, rutting, bumps and other surface defects?

  • Are path edges intact and maintained to protect the integrity of the path surface?

  • Have surface defects on “hard surface” paths, that may pose a safety risk, been reported for repair by others?

  • Has pathway resheeting recently been undertaken?

  • Has the resheeting been undertaken to result in a safe and trafficable surface – smooth, level, compacted?



  • Are irrigation systems present and being actively operated at the site?

  • Is the irrigation system free of any leaks and other obvious faults?

  • Is the irrigation system being operated effectively and efficiently, with turf areas being evenly green, garden plants showing no sign of water distress and no obvious wastage of water?

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

  • Are there maintenance staff working on site at time of audit?

  • Are all staff wearing high visibility clothing?

  • Are all staff using personal protective equipment appropriate for the task being undertaken?

  • Are all tasks being undertaken in a safe manner so as to not to create a hazard to members of the public?

  • Are herbicides and pesticides being used in a manner that does not create a hazard to members of the public or themselves?

  • Is signage in place to warn the public of spraying in progress?

  • Is work being undertaken on or adjacent to a roadway?

  • When working in or adjacent to a roadway is the Contractor providing adequate traffic control and safety measures which ensures the safety of road users, other members of the public and any person engaged by the Contractor?



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