1 - Personnel

1.a Is the module fully staffed?

1.b Is the staffing of the module organized according to SOP?

1.c Are personnel properly trained to operate the module equipment?

2 - Material

2.a Is all necessary equipment to support the module available?

2.b Is the equipment fit for purpose?

2.c Are storage facilities available to store temperature related pharmaceuticals?

2.d Are direct exchange items available to replace default medical equipment?

3 - Procedures

3.a Is there a system in place for re-supply of lower roles?

3.b Are procedures available for the disposal of medical (contaminated) waste?

3.c Are the C2 arrangements for the module published?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.