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  • Date

  • IMEI

  • Phone Entry Photo

Type of Repair

  • Phone

  • Passcode

  • Enter Passcode:

  • Model/Issue:

  • Other

  • Explain:


  • Does Customer want/need Device Restored/Updated?

  • Reason For RESTORE:

Other Services

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Device Settings Before/After Repair

  • Screen

  • LCD

  • Back Glass

  • Top Lock

  • Prox

  • Side Vib

  • Side Volume

  • Charge Port

  • Bottom Mic

  • Bottom Speaker

  • Top Speaker

  • Speaker Phone

  • Camera Front

  • Camera Back

  • Wifi

  • Service

  • Touch

  • Battery

  • Frame

  • Speaker Grill

  • Bottom Screws

  • DOA

  • Water-Damage

WARRANTY (Please Read Before Signing)

  • WARRANTY: 60 day warranty on most installed device parts only (except: iPad mini/iPod battery repairs 30 day warranty on installed part only). There will be a 14 day warranty on Devices/Systems purchased in store (warranty coverage terms listed below). 30 day Warranty on most Computer and Gaming installed parts only (NO WARRANTY or MONEY BACK ON VIRUS REMOVAL, RED RING/YELlOW LIGHT. There is $10 Fee for Unsuccessful Gaming Treatments)
    WARRANTY does NOT cover: DOA, Physical damage, Liquid-damage, Heat/Cold damage, items opened by any other party other than before/after a repair is completed, case damage, jail broke/altered software, Bent Frames or items severely damaged. NO WARRANTY on anything where the logic/ motherboard has to be heated or use heat to complete a repair. This includes Red Rings/Yellow Light repairs and any type of soldering; due to the risk of devices/systems not turning back on. is not responsible for any issues that may occur during/after any water-damaged item is repaired (including not turning back on). If a water treatment has to be pro formed; there are NO warranties and this ONLY guarantees that we will try to get the device ON (any additional parts need to complete the repair will be an additional cost with no warranty on part). NOTE: There are also NO guarantees as to how long anything water damage will work: day, week, month, year; every device is different). is not responsible for any lost data/information/software/pictures that may occur during a repair process. It is the customers responsibility to back anything up prior to having any repair done. Most repairs done by iPhoneTodd will VOID the manufactures warranty.
    ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: Any devices/systems left 60 days after a repair is complete WILL be forfeited and become property of, as an attempt to recover the loss of wages from that repair.
    *** ABSOLUTELY NO refunds/money back/exchanges/store credits on any REPAIRS/LABOR/PARTS or Otterbox/Speck cases. NO money back on any deposits made for special order parts that have to be ordered. Seven day return policy for all other accessories with a proper receipt.**** has the right to refuse service.

Client Signature

  • Signature/Printed Name: Customer agrees to the above terms


  • Repaired by:

  • Tech/Additional Notes:

  • Describe WARRANTY Type:

  • Additional Device/System Photo

  • Completed Repair Photo

Customer Log

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  • Additional Follow Up Info:

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