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  • Have corrective actions from the previous Monthly Inspection been completed?


  • Is the work area clean and tidy?

  • Are the floors clean and dry and in good condition?

  • Are pedestrian and vehicular traffic routes free from obstruction ?

  • Is the area free from obvious trip hazards in and around the working area ?

  • Are waste materials correctly stored (10m away from building perimeter) and correctly segregated?

Dust & Noise

  • Are there noticeable / visible dust, vapour, fume emissions in the workplace?

  • Are noise levels satisfactory?


  • Area asbestos containing materials in an undamaged condition?


  • Is the building structure sound and in good condition?

  • Security arrangements are adequate - boundary / perimeter fencing is secure?

Workplace Transport

  • Pre-use inspections of vehicles are being completed and recorded?

  • Seat-belt use is monitored and enforced?

  • Vehicles and Keys are left in a secure location when not in use?

  • Are floors and roadways in a suitable condition?

  • Vehicle and pedestrian segregation is effective?


  • RAMS are suitable and sufficient, communicated and signed for?

  • Permit to Work system utilised for all contractor activities?


  • Are electrical tools, sockets, plugs and cables in good condition?

  • Portable Appliance Testing in date and Items tagged?

  • Distribution Boards and Control Panels are secure?

Gas / LPG

  • Gas cylinders appropriately stored and secured?

  • Gas appliances are being checked on a yearly basis


  • Fire detection systems are being tested / maintained as required?

  • Emergency lighting is checked monthly (short duration test) and annually (full<br>test)?

  • Are all exits, call points and extinguishers free from obstruction and in good<br>condition?

First Aid

  • Are First Aiders identified and able to be quickly contacted?

  • Are First Aid kits / boxes adequately stocked?

Welfare Facilities

  • Clean welfare facilities available?


  • Is the correct PPE being used and worn correctly?

Storage Racking

  • Is the racking in an undamaged condition and materials safely stored?

Hazardous Substances (COSHH)

  • Are hazardous materials correctly stored?

Safety Signs and Information

  • Are all safety signs clear, unambiguous, and in good condition?

  • Are all notice boards up to date with relevant safety information?

Energy Consumption

  • Are there any unused areas or areas that are not always occupied lit?

  • Can lights be switched off to make use of natural daylight?

  • If there are spaces that are intermittently occupied, is there scope for automatic lighting controls?

  • Are there any external lights on during daylight hours?

  • Are all employee facilities being used appropriately and those not in use turned off? (i.e. air conditioning, heaters, fans, computers and computer screens)

Additional Hazards & Unsafe Acts

  • Can you confirm there were no additional hazards or unsafe acts observed<br>during the inspection?

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