The Huddle
Hot-Spot Huddle start time

Was the huddle led by the NUM or an ANUM?

We're 3 patient-identifiers used for the patients who were discussed?

Was the Huddle acronym used or followed to assist identification of the patients / ward issues that needed to be discussed? (ESCAPADES)

Was only important information about the most critical patients/ward issues discussed?

Was the ISBAR structure used for each patient that was discussed during the huddle?

Was the huddle process issue-free?

Hot-Spot Huddle finish time
Clinical PerCH

Were both the on-coming and off-going nurses present for the clinical (documentation) PerCH?

Was the PerCH documentation /paperwork checked by both nurses for each patient?

Was the ISBAR structure followed each time the patients PerCH documentation was checked?

Bedside PerCH
Did the Person Centred Handover occur in the presence of the patient?

Was the Bedside PerCH acronym used / followed for this part of the PerCH? (CARE)

Was the patient included in the discussion?

Was the patient given an opportunity to contribute to the conversation from their perspective during the Handover?

Was only non-clinical language used with the patient during handover?

What time did the Handover finish?
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