Mine Safey Audit Checklist


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1.1 Current Emergency Evacuation Plan & Procedure displayed in appropriate positions around site?

1.2 Fire Extinguishers are marked correctly on evacuation plan?

1.3 Emergency assembly & Muster points are highlighted on the evacuation plan?

1.4 Location of First Aid kits are marked on the evacuation plan?

1.5 Emergency Exits are marked correctly on evacuation plan

1.6 Emergency Numbers displayed on evacuation plan?

Tick if the emergency numbers displayed on evacuation plan include:

Local Police Station

Local Fire Brigade

Local Hospital

Power or electricity source



Water & Sewerage

Site Managers phone number

1.7 Firefighting equipment in place and in good condition?

1.8 Fire extinguishers are correct type for the area?

1.9 Fire extinguisher signage is in place and correct?

1.10 Fire extinguishers are serviced every 12 months and fitted with anti-tamper tags?

1.11 One metre clearance maintained around fire fighting equipment?

1.12 Access to fire fighting equipment is clear?

1.13 Fire Breaks in place and adequate?

1.14 Access to switchboards is clear and unobstructed?

1.15 Smoke alarms fitted in nominated locations?

1.16 Emergency assembly / muster area(s) sign posted?

1.17 Emergency assembly / muster area(s) have a clear path to them and are free of debris?

1.18 First Aid kits are available with correct signage displayed?

1.19 First Aid kits in good condition and fully stocked (contents list is located on inside of kit - check)?

1.20 Are names of first aiders on site located on the first aid kit?

1.21 Sign in sheets accurate?

1.22 Emergency 'exit' signs present and illuminates (above fire doors and directing exits)?

1.23 Exits and stairs clear and unobstructed?

2 House Keeping

2.1 Access / Egress to work sites up to standard?

2.2 Caps on star pickets & rebar?

2.3 Rubbish bins provided and used?

2.4 Materials neatly stacked?

2.5 Work platforms clear?

2.6 Adequate lighting for night work?

2.7 All hoses off ground?

2.8 Correct signage in place & readable?

2.9 Hazardous Sub's labeling & storage?

2.10 Waste stored / removed correctly?

2.11 Recycling is occurring?

2.12 Do employees pick up stock / litter / spillages off floor & site area?

3 Offices and Ablutions

3.1 Crib room clean, tidy and hygienic?

3.2 Floors are clean, clear with a safe path of travel throughout area?

3.3 Floor coverings / surfaces in good condition?

3.4 Toilets clean and hygienic?

3.5 No evidence of sewage spills or overflows?

3.6 Barricading / signs in place where required?

3.7 Access and Egress; trip hazards, condition of flooring, anti-slip, handrails?

3.8 Emergency Evacuation Plan?

3.9 Air conditioning & Ventilation adequate?

3.10 Filing Cabinets / Shelving - not overloaded?

3.11 Leads, Lighting, Emergency Lighting?

3.12 Housekeeping, cleanliness, food / rubbish disposal, hygienic?

3.13 Individuals Work Stations clean and tidy?

3.14 Office equipment; Shredder protected, good height, ventilation, noise - all adequate?

3.15 Equipment such as chairs, desks, computers, etc. are in good working condition?

3.16 Lights are working, covers in place where required and adequate for the job?

3.17 Double adaptors are not being used?

3.18 Electrically operated machines have current testing and tagging (includes kitchen appliances older than 12 months)?

3.19 Power points and power leads are good condition (no leads across floors or on wet surfaces)?

3.20 First Aid Kit available?

3.21 MSDS available?

4 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

4.1 PPE available at the worksite?

4.2 All appropriate PPE being worn?

5 Mechanical / Workshop

5.1 9" grinders not in use?

5.2 Clips fitted to all hoses?

5.3 Correct discs used in grinders?

5.4 Ladders secured and tagged?

5.5 guards fitted to machinery/ tools?

5.6 All power tools fitted with dead man?

5.7 Portable electrical equipment Tagged and current?

5.8 Wheel chocks in use / available?

5.9 Hand held tools are in good condition and stored appropriately?

5.10 Are sufficient stocks of PPE kept?

5.11 Manual handling aids available?

5.12 Gas bottles secured / protected from damage or falling over ( e.g strapped or chained to secured fixture)?

5.13 Ladders used are in good working condition?

5.14 Safety warning signs present including:

Manual Handling

Eye protection

Keep out - Authorised Personnel Only

Visitors report to the Office


5.15 A register of authorised employees to operate plant / equipment is available?

5.18 Stacked items are safe - not overhanging or leaning?

5.19 Are pallets in good condition?

6 Electrical

6.1 Condition of leads, plugs etc - adequate upon assessment?

6.2 ELCB / RCD used for portable tools - adequate upon assessment?

6.3 All equipment tagged correctly?

6.4 Leads off ground not near water?

6.5 Isolations appropriate & completed?

6.6 Earth leads on welders good condition?

7 Vehicles and Mobile Equipment

7.1 All vehicles parked according to parking rules?

7.2 Road rules are being followed?

7.3 Vehicles meet Minepower requirements?

7.4 Weekly pre-start inspection completed and logged on all light vehicle? Refer to Daily Re-start Inspection Checklist

7.5 Daily Pre-start inspection completed and logged on all machinery? Refer to Daily Pre-start inspection checklist

7.6 Flashing lights & headlights working and being used?

7.7 Are vehicles and equipment clean / no loose debris?

7.12 Radio procedures being followed?

8 Traffic Management

8.1 Full segregation of Light Vehicle & Surface Mining Equipment is in place?

8.2 Park up areas are correct?

8.3 Traffic management plans are in place?

8.4 Speed limits are marked correctly?

9 Roads and Surfaces

9.1 Windrows at correct height?

9.2 Surfaces firm and safe?

9.3 Roads have adequate width?

9.4 Delineators are in place?

10 Excavations and Mining

10.1 Battered back?

10.2 Barricaded correctly?

10.3 Easy entry and exit to Digger?

10.4 Loading of Trucks sequenced?

10.5 Correct method of digging is being used?

10.6 Dumpy park up defined?

10.7 All signals appropriate?

11 Job Start

11.1 Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) appropriate & completed? Refer to JHA checklist

11.2 JHA on the job and understood?

11.3 Field Level Risk Assessments (FLRA) have been undertaken? Refer to FLRA cheklist

11.4 Permits appropriate & completed?

11.5 Isolations appropriate & completed?

11.6 Work area de-marked and sign posted?

11.7 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for chemicals at the workplace?

11.8 Access/egress to work area appropriate?

12 Occupational Health

12.1 Dust levels low and controlled?

12.2 Noise levels acceptable?

12.3 Fibrous Material is being controlled?

12.4 Vibration is being controlled?

13 Hot Work

13.1 Permit in place?

13.2 Flashback arresters on cylinders and hand pieces?

13.3 All equip (hoses, etc) in good condition?

13.4 Fire extinguishers available for all Hot Work?

13.5 Earth clamps in correct location?

14 Working at Heights

14.1 WAH is being eliminated?

14.2 Fall arrest equipment used?

14.3 Permit to work at Height in place?

14.4 Spotters in place as required?

14.5 ECO barricading in place?

14.6 Drop zone barricading in place?

14.7 Dropped objects prevention is in place?

15 Craneage Operations

15.1 Crane log books and documentation in place in the crane?

15.2 Cranes set up correctly?

15.3 Crane operator competent?

15.4 Crane lift risk assessment form in place?

15.5 Crane suitable for the task?

16 Confined Space

16.1 Confined space permit in place?

16.2 Sentry space permit in place?

16.3 Procedure being followed?

16.4 Space safe?

17 Hydrocarbon Storage

17.1 All hydrocarbon materials inside bunds?

17.2 Oil spill equipment available, status?

17.3 No evidence of stains / spillage?

17.4 Bunds fully effective?

17.5 Fuel-containing equipment and plant in trays or provided with other bunding?

18 Flora and Fauna

18.1 All clearing approved?

18.2 VDAs in place for all activities?

18.3 Priority flora is identified and fenced?

18.4 Topsoil stockpiled and signposted?

18.5 Easy exit for fauna from trenches & pits?

18.6 Bore caps in place & conduit ends taped?

18.10 No weeds growing in project areas?

19 Water Management

19.1 Flow meters / volumes recording in place?

19.2 Water holding facilities appropriately constructed (drainage of standpipes, depth)?

19.3 Water holding facilities stock fenced & have exit ropes?

20 Erosion

20.1 No erosion from stockpiles?

20.2 No erosion of gullies and streams?

21 Sewerage Treatment

21.1 Facility approved & permits in place?

21.2 Alarms/warning devices in place for clearing capacity?

21.3 Receiving effluent tank higher capacity then freshwater input tank?

22 Occupational Health and Safety Administration

22.1 Is there a procedure for personnel to refuse working where they feel that injury or harm could occur to themselves or to other people?

22.2 Has a register of Hazardous Materials been developed?

22.3 Names of OH&S Reps Displayed on Notice Board?

22.4 Incident / Accident Recording, Reporting & Investigation Folder is available and current?

22.5 Danger Tags are available and being used correctly site wide?

22.6 Current Company OHS Policies are on display in a prominent position?

22.7 Review Toolbox Minutes from last six meetings?

22.8 Have Site Specific Risk Assessments been completed on contractors? Refer to Site Specific Risk Assessment Checklist

22.9 Is the Site Specific Risk Assessment Current? (Risk Assessment must be no older than 2 years old.)

22.10 Have controls been put in place to control hazards identified? (review site specific risk assessment)

22.11 Does the Site conduct regular evacuation drills? Did the employees participate (Review the last few Fire Drill Records)

22.11(1) When was the last one (Last evacuation drill not to be more than 6 months)

22.12 Has the employee completed Specific Training (review on the job training records)

22.13 Has the employee received / or has the ability to access Safe Work Procedures? (review employee file for sign off)

22.14 Has each crew been established with a First Aider?

22.15 Employees who conduct specialist tasks have received appropriate training in OH&S Related Matters? (check employee personnel files for record of training (certificate or attendance registers)

22.16 Employees have received appropriate training in return to work? (check training matrix)

22.37 Has OH&S Training been conducted for OH&S Representatives within 12 months of accepting the position? (review personnel files or training matrix)

23 Chemicals

23.1 Are only approved chemicals being used as per the Approved Chemical Register?

23.2 Chemicals stored on site are not expired or obsolete?

23.3 Chemicals are not decanted? (substances must be in original containers with original labels)

23.4 Are all the chemicals clearly labelled?

23.5 Material Safety Data Sheets present at location where Chemicals are kept and easily accessible?

23.6 Containers in which chemicals are stored are in good condition and are not leaking?

23.7 Nominated area in which chemicals are stored is locked allowing only restricted access and bundled?

23.8 Gas bottles secured/ protected from damage or falling over? (e.g strapped or chained to secured fixture)

23.9 Is there adequate ventilation where chemicals are stored?

23.10 Spill kits available and fully stocked?

23.11 Are emergency showers or eye wash stations available & easily assessable?



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