Overall Performance

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Grade Level

Highest Level of Rigor Observed

Number of students in class

Number of students off task

Beginning of Lesson (Do Now, Warm Up, etc.)

Direct Teach or Structured Practice

Group Activity or Guided Practice


Other (Explain in notes below)

In Class Observation--Complete Each Section Below with Comments. Put NA if Skill Was Not Assessed. Please use photo feature to include pictures and student work if possible/applicable.

During TF observation, the TF:

Was prepared for the lesson

Engaged the students (energetic, motivating, etc.)

Was knowledgeable about the content taught

Used VIPs or other support tools to guide and differentiate instruction for all learners

Formative assessment evident throughout the lesson

Challenged the students/asked Higher Order Thinking (HOT) questions during the lesson

Moved about the room with purpose

Strategically used positive feedback to control or maintain classroom management procedures

Enforced and referred to classroom expectations/norms during the lesson to control or maintain classroom management procedures

Encouraged a sense of culture and upbeat climate during the lesson

Successfully adjusted to student learning/behavior when needed during the lesson

Strategically and successfully managed time during the lesson

Effectively closed the lesson (exit slip, skill review, etc.)

Incorporated technology to enhance lesson

Other: Explain below in the notes section


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