• Site conducted

  • This checklist is to be completed by the Curtin preferred AV integrator after minor works/AV system updates. Upon completion this provides assurance the room is left in a working state.

  • Enter the venue name (eg 200b.160)

  • Audit Title

  • Enter your company's document reference (or accept default number)

  • Document No.

  • Enter client and site details (eg "CITS-AV - Bentley")

  • Client / Site

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Acceptance Checklist

  • This section to be filled in by the AV Integrator.

Physical Venue

  • Is there any make good work required within the room? (i.e. holes in ceiling, excessive equipment temperature, ambient lighting acceptable, acoustic performance satisfactory).

  • Cable ties have not been used

  • New LCD mounted at correct height

  • New projectors and motorised screens do not vibrate

  • Quality of AV integration (i.e. satisfactory cable path management, projector alignment, appropriate component configuration and presentation)

  • AV system interfaces with room systems correctly (i.e. lighting controls, blind controls)

  • Any newly installed cables have sufficient slack for moving components where they shall not be stressed/damaged

  • All new labelling complete (i.e. room specific component labelling for shared systems, table boxes labeled HDMI 1 & 2 where required)

  • Handover items placed in rack draw or mounted behing LCD (i.e. revised as-built schematics, Revolabs lanyards, remotes)

  • All equipment secured, racks and joinery locked and keys handed over

System Readiness


  • P.A. - program sources are adequately reinforced (i.e. appropriate gain structure, amplifier shaded to suit speaker capabilities)

  • P.A. - microphone sources are adequately reinforced where required (i.e. system safe from feedback)

  • Record - program and microphone sources levels are adequate (i.e. warm levels, no clipping)

  • microphones are balanced between boundary, lapel and PC content during a iLecture recording

  • VC/Soft conf - audio sends to far-end are satisfactory (i.e. echo free, speech intelligibility)

  • Audio does not clip/distort when shouting/loud noise floor

  • Mic/line and consequent levels are correct from DSP to codec

  • Codec audio parameters have been correctly configured to suit venue

  • Room joining PA join functions correctly and audio levels are balanced

  • Room joining microphone coverage is acceptable and free from echo, feedback or distortion


  • All sources and sinks are appropriately configured (i.e. correct EDID settings, colour space settings, video signal settings)

  • All sources and sinks are correctly routed (i.e. primary and secondary display allocations as specified, physical cabling)

  • Cameras are routed correctly and configured with presets/zones


  • Control system communicating with other devices correctly (i.e. power states, recalling switch commands, DSP commands, GPIO commands, PDU commands, wireless share, doc cam)

  • PDU power states are functioning as intended

  • Wireless sharing system working

  • Autoswitcher changing input based on prioritisation (MET)

  • iLecture light controlling the iLecture recording

  • Room joining in all states works as intended

  • Room control while joined working correctly (primary, secondary locations)

Device Configurations

  • PC configured correctly: Audio IO set correctly for system with other IO disabled, Resolution, scaling and aspect ratio correct.

  • PDU's configured with correct naming convention

  • Autoswitcher working correctly with input prioritization

  • LCD configured with "pro" settings for CEC with disabled inputs, muted speakers, game mode, optimized for input latency, natural colour profile with max brightness ect (if unsure contact DTS)

Allied Team Handover

  • Handover to DTS for UAT - with training if venue has new functionality

  • Support camera pre-sets set to AVIP, door, wide, audience and screen and user accounts added

  • PDU is connected to the network and channels are labelled correctly (specific to the connected device)


  • All revised configurations - switcher config file, PDU config, DSP configuration, Codec configuration transmitted to DTS

  • As built schematics, DNIS, drawings, photos, relevant documents have been updated and transmitted to DTS

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