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29.10. Mishap Prevention Signs and Tags Checklist

  • Is an adequate supply of safety signs and tags available for use? AFI 91-203 para. 29.2.4

  • Do exit signs clearly identify the means of egress from facilities? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are tags used as intended, as a temporary means of warning workers of hazardous conditions, defective equipment, etc.? AFI 91-203 para. 29.5.1

  • Do supervisors coordinate placement of tags and assignment of RACs, with the installation Ground Safety office, FES Flight or BE, as appropriate? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Is verification of a RAC, when required by AFI 91-202, accomplished as soon as possible but not later than 10 days from hazard identification? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are AF Forms 979, Danger Tag, used only to identify immediate danger situations? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are AF Forms 980, Caution Tag, used to identify or warn of potential hazards? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Are AF Forms 981, Out of Order Tag, used to warn of a hazard if the equipment, machinery, tool, utility or system is used? AFI 91-203 para. 29.7.3

  • Are AF Forms 982, Do Not Start Tag, used to warn personnel of a potential hazard if equipment is restarted? AFI 91-203 para.

  • Do shop supervisors ensure their personnel are trained to properly fill out the reverse side of AF Forms 979, 980, 981 and 982? AFI 91-203 para. 29.8.1 and 29.9.1


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