Was based joint greased?

Was fulcrum joint greased?

Was apex joint greased?

Were triple swivels greased.

Do any swivels show signs of leaking?



Were cylinder heads and feet greased?

Were there any signs of leaking on cylinders?

Were there any signs of excessive corrosion on cylinder rods?

Hydraulic Drive Motors

Hydraulic Drive Motors

Do the motors show any sign of damage?

Do motors show any signs of leaking?

Are drive chains properly adjusted?

Do the drive chains show excessive corrosion?

Were chains lubricated?



Are cables properly adjusted?

Do cables show signs of excessive corrosion?

Were cables lubricated?

Misc. Bearings

Misc. Bearings

Were all link bearings greased?

Did any bearing show signs of damage or excessive wear?

Was the counterweight trunnion bearing greased?


Do hoses show signs of wear or damage?

Do hose ends show signs of damage or excessive corrosion?

Misc lubrication points

Misc. lubrication points

Were the cam locks greased?


Was loading arm operated to test functionality?

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