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Ensure that the jobsite is safe in accordance with the PREVENT Safety Guide:

  • All contractors on site have an AWAIR Safety Program

  • Right To Know / GHS / SDS

  • Lead, asbestos, silica exposures

  • Personal Protective Equipment<br>Hard Hats, Safety Glasses, High Visibility Vest, Other as needed?

  • Respiratory Protection (Voluntary & Required Use)

  • Fall Protection (6'trigger height)

  • Ladders (Proper Use)

  • Stairways (Handrails, Steps, etc.)

  • Scaffolding (10'Trigger Height for Fall Protection, decking, mud sills, safe access, secured)

  • Steel Erection (15'& 30'Trigger Heights, Controlled Decking Area, Controlled Access Below)

  • Excavations (2,4,5 rules - A,B,C Soil Types)

  • Cranes (Operator License, Inspections, Lifting Calculations, Critical Lifts)

  • Hoisting & Rigging, Signalers (Must be trained/certified)

  • Electrical Wiring & Equipment (Cords, Panels, Covers, Protect from Damage, Overhead Power Lines)

  • Powered Industrial Trucks (Forklift Operators trained & certified 3 years, inspections, seatbelts)

  • Aerial Work Platforms (PFAS, Guardrails, Secured)

  • First Aid & CPR (EMS Response within 4 minutes)

  • Woodworking Machines (Guards in place, Push Sticks)

  • Power Tools (Cords, Guards/Shields, Proper Use)

  • All other hazards on the jobsite controlled?

  • Demolition (Stability, Dust Control, Safe Access/Egress, Holes)

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