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Basic Load Theory

  • Floor Loading Limitations

  • Restraint of Loads

  • The safe restraint and positioning of animals

  • The safe restraint and positioning of human remains

  • The safe restraint and positioning of perishables (including live seafood)

  • Understanding the load instruction report

Dangerous Goods

  • Dangerous Goods Awareness<br>

  • Enter names and dates

  • Understand where to load DGs and segregation requirements

  • Understand the suitability of packaging

  • Understand incident/accident reporting

  • Understand receipt/dispatch requirements for DGs

Basic Loading - Practical

  • Understanding of PPM/LGA for aircraft loading/unloading

  • Understanding of PPM/LGA for aircraft hold doors

  • Understanding of cargo nets/fire barriers

  • Understanding the use of restraint straps

  • Understanding of floor loading limitations

  • Understanding of 50kg per unit loading requirement (QF & NC)

  • Understand where to position barrows for cargo loading/unloading

  • Understand reporting requirements to Load Controller


  • Understand circle of safety

  • Situationally aware

  • Understand aircraft ingestion / blast zones

  • Understand requirements for passenger supervision on the ramp

  • Understand requirement for FOD checks before and after.

  • Understand flaps and slats. Flap fairing bumper position

  • Understand fuel hazard zones

  • Understand requirements of walking around wings and not under

Receipt / Dispatch

  • Understanding of PPM/LGA for aircraft receipt

  • Understanding of PPM/LGA for aircraft dispatch

  • Understand beacon off, thumbs up

  • Understand process for putting in chocks

  • Understanding of headset protocol.

  • Understanding of headset dialogue for receipt

  • Understanding of headset dialogue for dispatch

  • Understanding of non-headset procedures and hand signals

  • Understanding of emergency hand signals

Aircraft Passenger Stairs

  • Understanding of PPM/LGA for aircraft passenger stairs

  • Understanding of PPM/LGA for aircraft passenger door opening

  • Understanding where stairs are stored and why

  • Maintenance records general well being of stairs


  • Inspection regime in place

  • Maintenance records in place

  • Appropriateness for use

  • Unserviceability procedures in place

Assisted Passenger Lift (APL)

  • APL in use?

  • Evidence of training records for APL

  • Appropriateness for stairs type

Ramp Fire Awareness

  • Understanding of responsibilities in the event of a fire on the ramp

  • Understanding how to notify crew

  • Understanding crew responsibility of crew

  • Understanding brake fire

  • Understanding engine fire

  • Understanding how to notify refueller

  • Understanding the type and use of extinguishers

  • Understanding in the use of spill kits

  • Are extinguishers available on the ramp?

  • Are spill kits available on the ramp?

Safety - SMS and HF

  • Understand Cobham safety culture

  • Understand Cobham reporting systems - SOIR

  • Understanding of JUST reporting culture

  • Damp training reports present

  • SERP - cobham details present

  • First person aware checklists present

  • Cobham reporting phone numbers present and predominately posted

Load Control

  • Load control course conducted

  • POCO load control procedure explained


  • Understanding of turn around cleaning requirements

  • Understanding of deep ( end of day) clean in BNE?

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