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Start of shift <br>

  • Visit AYS/Service Express/PBX office to inform team you are the MOD. Provide mobile number/extension for contact purposes.

  • Visit every operations department to inform the outlet's shift manager that you are on duty.<br>

Front Office/Housekeeping

  • Conduct shift handover with prior shift MOD.

  • Review MOD report and action on all service recovery issues. Meet the guest in person to ensure closure.

  • Attend daily pre-arrival meeting(s).

  • Ask Front Desk on the Enrolment goals for the day and check in on the performance throughout the day.

  • Ensure today's Occupancy/ADR/VIP arrival/Events information are updated on the board in back office.

  • Ask Front Desk to print arrival report for today (Elite/Mobile Check-In/other VIP arrivals).

  • Check discrepancy rooms before 9am (AM shift).

  • Check due out rooms between noon to 1pm (PM shift).

  • Rooms assigned for Elite/Mobile Check-Ins/other VIPs are VCI rooms or prioritized for cleaning prior to guests' arrival time.

  • Keys and registration cards for Mobile Check-In are prepared and ready.

  • Empty suites are allocated for upsell (priority) and balanced inventory given to platinum guest upgrade (No Suite Goes Empty).

  • Review “GXP Customer Care Open Cases” and ensure all the cases are closed with 72 hours

  • Randomly select 1-2 Elite/Mobile Check-In/VIPs rooms to inspect.

  • Randomly select another 1-2 VCI rooms to inspect.

  • Ramdomly inspect 1-2 guest floors for cleanliness, defects and clear IRD trays. Report defects to Engineering immediately.

  • Randomly inspect 1-2 Back of House stairways for cleanliness and defects.

  • Ensure guest lifts and lift tracks are spectacularly clean and free from debris.

  • Inspect public area washrooms for cleanliness (odor free) and functionality. Report defects to Engineering immediately.


  • Lobby music, lighting, scent and internet are in excellent working order.

  • Lobby furniture and fixtures are clean, organized and in good condition.

  • Select 1-2 locations in the public areas to conduct MOD internet checks (Net 60/Net lift).

  • Meet and greet Elite member arrivals.

  • Conduct at least one check-in or check-out service audit based on BSA.

  • Engage the guest and manage queues during heavy check-in/out periods.

  • Inspect luggage room and make sure guest luggage secured.

Executive Lounge

  • Conduct walk through during Breakfast and Happy Hour meal periods and engage Elite members and guests.

  • Lounge music, lighting, scent and internet are in excellent working order.

  • Ensure associates are engaging Elite members and guests in the Lounge.

Fitness Center/Gym/Pool Area

  • Gym is clean, trash bins cleared and sanitizer pump is visible and ready for guest use.

  • Music, lighting, scent and internet are in excellent working order.

  • Sound system and TV are working in gym.

  • Locker room is clean and guest ready.

  • Pool area is clean and towels are neatly displayed on all pool deck chairs.

Meeting Rooms

  • Digital signage is updated with accurate information based on Daily Events Sheet.

  • Music, lighting, scent and internet are in excellent working order. Meeting foyer area is clean.

  • Report any meeting room doors that are not locked.

  • Restrooms are clean, odor free, trash bins emptied, supplies replenished and toilets flushing properly.


  • Ensure service is prompt at all restaurants/outlets. Music, lighting, scent and internet are in excellent working order.

  • Check if there are any Elite members dining in the outlets. Ensure the Members Dine More discount benefit is accorded.

Back of House (BOH)

  • Hallways are clean and free from debris.

  • Light fixtures are working properly. Report any defects to Engineering.

  • Ensure associate locker rooms are clean and tidy. Remove any shoes or belongings that are placed on top of locker areas.

  • Greet associates at the Laundry room. Ensure the temperature is appropriate for the working environment.

  • Loading dock is clean and cleared of all deliveries.

  • Check in with Loss Prevention team to ensure all incidents are closed and any abnormalities are briefed to the MOD.

  • Associate cafeteria and uniform room are operating in accordance to service hours.

  • Ensure service lifts and lift tracks are spectacularly clean and free from debris.

  • Shift handover to the next MOD.

Guest Room Inspection

  • Room Number

  • Room Attendance

  • Time

Entrance zone

  • Main door

  • Security chain / double lock


  • Closet overall presentation

  • Hangers

  • Elsafe

Honor Bar

  • Glassware / chinaware / silverware

  • Fridge / contents

  • Electronic kettle set

  • Coffee machine / coffee maker

Living Room- TV zone

  • Television / TV remote control

Desk zone

  • Writing desk overall

  • Trash Bin / inner-bin liner

Window zone

  • Sheer curtain / drapery

  • Window

Sitting zone

  • Sofa

Bedroom- Night stand zone

  • Night stand overall

  • Master panel

  • Alarm clock / radio clock

  • Night stand underneath / bed underneath

Bedding items

  • Pillow cases

  • Duvet cover

  • Bed sheet(s)

  • Decorative pillow / Bed throw (if applicable)


  • Terry items

  • Bath towels

  • Hand towels

  • Face towels

  • Bath mat / bath rug

  • Bath robe (if applicable)

  • Vanity zone

  • Vanity counter top

  • Basin(s) / grouting

  • Tumblers

  • Mirror / make-up mirror

  • Trash bin / bin liner

  • Bathroom floor

  • Toilet zone

  • Toilet unit / toilet flusher

  • Toilet cover / toilet seat

  • Floor

  • Shower zone

  • Shower wall

  • Shower floor / drainage / floor trap

  • Hand-held shower head / rain-shower head / faucets

  • Grouting

  • Bath tub zone (if applicable)

  • Bath tub

  • Tap(s) / faucets / stopper

  • Grouting


  • General

  • Lighting

  • Carpet

  • Walling base-board on edges of floor

  • Room odor

Balcony (if applicable)<br>

  • Glass surface

  • Floor

  • Furniture

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