The Facility

  • Facility Name

  • Bulidng and Room Number

  • Date of Inspection

  • Names of AEC members

  • Names of other inspectors

  • Name of person(s) responsible for faciity

Animal Holding and Environment

  • Is the facility secure from unauthorized access

  • Are environmental conditions appropriate for the species and there is protection from environmental extremes

  • Is caging clean and well maintained

  • Are rooms/enclosures/caging pest-free

  • Are rooms/enclosures/caging escape proof and prevent entry of predators

  • Are rooms/enclosures/caging constructed of durable material and designed for their purpose

  • Are rooms/enclosures/caging safe and do not cause injury to the animals

  • Are rooms/enclosures/caging appropriately ventilation

  • Are rooms/enclosures/caging appropriately light

  • Are stocking rates appropriate for the species

  • Is species suitable environmental enrichment provided

  • Do housing conditions allow animals to express normal behaviours

  • Is food and water easily accessible and available as appropriate

  • Is food storage and preparation areas of adequate size, pest-free, clean and hygienic and designed to prevent fouling

  • Are fences, yards and gates in good working order

Animal Care and Monitoring

  • Are animals, whether individually or in groups, identified approriately

  • Is there evidence that PQMS are being followed

  • Are animals monitored throroughly and regularly

Animal Health and Wellbeing

  • Are animals in good health and condition

  • Do animals exhibiting normal behavior for their species

  • Are animals are eating and drinking

  • Do animals have access to veterinary support services

  • Do animals have normal excreta

  • Are sick animals are quarantined, removed or flagged for increased monitoring

  • Do sick animals receive appropriate care

  • Are adequate measures in place for humane killing if required

  • Are regular handling and desensitisation techniques are used

Records and Documentation

  • Are cages and enclosures clearly marked as participating in research with Project Approval Number, Principal Investigator, Species, animal numbers/cage, sex and ID

  • Do all research projects being conducted have current Project Approvals

  • Are records of monitoring animal health and wellbeing adequate to determine status

  • Are detailed monitoring records kept for animals after invasive procedure or health issues

  • Are records kept of sick animals and their fate

  • Are adverse events recorded and reported according to guidlines

  • Are there documented contingency plans for extreme events (e.g. flooding, fires, disease outbreak)

Staffing and Training

  • Is staffing adequate for the number of animals held

  • Are staff adequately trained

  • Do staff receive the appropriate support from management

  • Do staff receive ongoing training in their roles and have access to professional development

  • Do staff receive extra training and briefing from the investigators if involved in a research project

  • Do all staff working on research projects have a Permit, are named on the Project and have attended Animal Ethics Training

  • Can staff demonstrate a good understanding of their responsiblities under the Australian Code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes and other research compliance requirements

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