Is the driver trained to operate the forklift?

Is the forklift given a daily visual inspection?

Does the forklift carry a name plate showing its weight capacity?

Does the forklift have a" No Riders" sign posted in a visible area on the forklift?

Does the forklift have an operating horn and back up alarm?

Is a seat belt installed and worn by the driver?

Is the forklift operating instructions posted in the shop?

When operating the forklift, are the forks lowered to within 4 to 6 inches from the ground?

When loading/unloading wire rope and other equipment from trucks does the operator of the forklift ensure that all personnel are at a safe distance from the forklift and truck?

When a forklift is left unattended, are the forks fully lowered, controls neutralized, power shut off, breaks set, and tires Chocked? (Chocks are required when forklift is parked on an incline.)

Does forklift have a current/charged 5 Lb fire extinguisher installed on it?


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