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  • Job safety , health poster, and communications posted.

  • Records of recent inspections and safety meetings available.

  • Adequate provisions for first aid and/or medical attention.

Housekeeping & Facilities

  • Are stairways, aisles and access ways kept clear?

  • Are trash containers provided and emptied on a regular basis?

  • Are materials stored properly?

  • In case of spill, is it cleaned up immediately or are clean up kits available?

  • Are walkways to the facility illuminated and free of obstacles?

  • Is the lighting sufficient for the area?

  • Are there any lights/fixtures that need replacing?

  • Is the floor in good condition , free from chips, holes, or standing water?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Eye protection is available and adequate.

  • Head protection is utilized as needed.

  • Respirators or dust masks are used when needed and stored correctly at other times.

  • Gloves are being used when needed.

  • Proper clothing is being worn, including foot protection.

  • Three random associates checked for proper PPE.

  • Hearing protection is available and used if required or needed / Noise level if taken in Db.

  • All PPE kept in sanitary and reliable condition.

Hazard Communcation

  • Does the facility have a written hazard communication program?

  • Does the facility have a complete list of SDSs available?

  • Are chemicals properly labeled and stored?

  • Complete chemical list is available and up to date.

  • Have employees received hazard communication training?

  • All eyewash/safety showers are available and accessible.

  • Lock out /tag out procedures are being followed.

  • Lock out/ tag out equipment( tags, locks) are used properly.

Hand & Power Tools

  • Are proper tools being used for the area or needed?

  • Are tools being maintained in a safe condition?

  • Are mechanical guards in place?

  • Is the equipment (slicers/trimmers etc. ) properly guarded?

  • Is proper training provided for users of the tool(s) or equipment?


  • Are electrical panels/circuits labeled and free of storage in front of panels?

  • Are electrical cords in good repair, not stretched or have exposed wires.

  • Are energized electrical parts protected from contact with other hazards?

  • Adequate lighting for areas.

Material Handling

  • Have all forklifts been inspected before use?

Fire Protection

  • Are flammable/combustible liquids stored in approved storage cabinets?

  • Have the facility sprinkler/ fire alarm systems been inspected within the past 12 months?

  • Do sprinklers have 18 inches of vertical clearance from stored materials?

  • Are building evacuation maps posted?

  • Are fire extinguishers and emergency lighting fixtures properly placed?

  • Is access to fire hydrants and extinguishers unobstructed?

  • Are doors/ passages unobstructed?

Fall Protection

  • Ladders have the proper OSHA labels and are in good condition.

  • All ladders are stored in proper location when not in use.


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