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  • Client

  • Contract No

  • Site Address where Asbestos Work is Being Carried out
  • Project Duration

  • Actual Start Date

  • Expected Finish Date

  • Exact Work Location of where in the premises asbestos work is being carried out
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Removal Audit


    1. Answer the questions provided below.
    2. Add photos and notes by clicking on the paperclip icon.
    3. To add a Corrective Action, click on the paperclip icon then "Add Action," provide a description, assign to a member, set priority, and due date.
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  • Site pack, licence, accreditation AS/NZ 4801:2001 and insurance available?

  • Is hazard board onsite and Available<br>Is Hazard board filled out and covers all hazards

  • Completed ARCP / JSEA on site and available? If not STOP job


  • Are they acceptable and completed inline with Morecroft procedures?

  • Sketch Plan available (Transit & Waste route identified if required)

  • All persons on site signed onto ARCP?

  • All changes notified to Worksafe?

  • Clients Permit to Work in place?

  • Details of Clients & Morecrofts emergency procedures available and communicated?

  • Pre-start Talks carried out & signed by all operatives?

  • Are any other license holders involved?

  • Do we have a copy of their Notification and ARCP?


  • Pre-Start background air test certificates available

  • DCU clearance certificate from previous job

  • • Valid DOP certification for:

  • NPU

  • DCU

  • VAC

  • Valid test certification for all RPE

  • • Valid certification for operatives

  • Asbestos Medical

  • Face Fit

  • Asbestos Training

  • First Aid

  • Confined Space

  • Are there other operatives certificates?

  • Specify Other Certificates


  • All equipment PAT tested and in date

  • Suitable and sufficient, in date fire extinguishers

  • First Aid box / First Aider on site

  • Scaffolds inspected and Scafftags in place

  • Hand tools in good condition

  • Ladders / Stepladders checked, tagged and taped

  • Correct PPE available for all operatives

  • Spare set of PPE available at airlock for emergencies

  • Spray equipment available and fully functional


  • Welfare arrangements adequate

  • Good housekeeping around a work area

  • Adequate lighting

  • Around work area

  • Transit route

  • Waste route

  • Waste skip

  • Weather conditions if external

  • Chemical hazards

Work Area

  • DCU set up and fully functional

  • Is 3 x stage mobile shower being used..

  • Has the 3 x stage mobile unit been assembled correctly

  • NPU set up and fully functional

  • Has the water management system been installed correctly and working

  • Is water management system filters clean

  • NPU filter pod sealed correctly and filter in place

  • Vac set up and fully functional

  • Work area

  • 3rd stage of an airlock

  • 2nd stage of bag lock

  • Clear viewing panels c/w suitable access?

  • In work area

  • Other than in the work area, are there any other area(s)/item that need to be checked?

  • Click "Add Area" to add places

  • Area
  • Area Name/Details

  • Is this area compliant of clear viewing panels c/w suitable access?

  • Is there a CCTV available ( if required this will depend on client and site requirements)

  • Adequate arrangements for working at height

  • Asbestos skip / lined truck- signage locked and secure

  • Effective barriers erected

  • Adequate signage erected to

  • Work area

  • Transit route

  • Waste route

  • Temp storage area

  • Are all flaps weighted on an airlock

  • Are cables sealed through an enclosure wall

  • Emergency exit highlighted c/w retractable knife [if required]

  • All scaffold clips & tube ends covered

  • All staples & timber covered

  • Mirror at an entrance to an airlock

  • Effective communication systems in place

  • Buckets of water/spray mist bottles

  • In work area for footwear

  • 3rd stage of an airlock for masks

Live Work Enclosure

  • When was the smoke test carried out and witnessed?

  • Is the spray mist machine/spray mist bottles being used correctly?

  • Has the work started on the notified date which is?

  • Have all items inside the enclosure have been protected with polythene which is no being removed

  • Name of the supervisor on site, is he named on the ARCP????

  • Does the ARCP sketch match the enclosure?

  • Is the JSEA adequate and identify all risks?

  • Is the enclosure showing signs of Negative pressure?

  • Can you see NPUs and read dials on the NPU? Are they OK!!!

  • Are daily inspections being Carried out on the following and from what date

  • Enclosure

  • NPU

  • Vac’s

  • DCU

  • RPE full face

  • RPE ½ mask

  • Do doors of DCU close from 150mm?

  • Have you checked yourself?

  • Are the personnel monitoring of operatives being carried out, are readings satisfactory

  • Have all individuals on job been informed of results?

  • Are the leak reassurance monitoring being carried out and results available on site

  • Is the tent guardian available?

  • Is he wearing cover PPE / RPE if required

  • Look through the viewing panels or on the CCTV and observe the operatives, are they working safely?

  • What activity are they performing?

  • Can you see the whole of work area?

  • Is the area around the enclosure tidy?

  • What remedial work is required?

  • Are operatives within the enclosure wearing correct PPE / RPE as per ARCP?

  • Are there adequate spare PPE & filters?

  • Are emergency procedures displayed outside an enclosure

  • Carry thorough inspection of an enclosure and record any findings, including barriers and signage, state time and date

  • Inspect the waste route and check inside the waste skip. Are all bags double bagged


  • Additional Comments

  • Signature (Name & Signature)

  • Position

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