Safety Rating:

  • Date & Time this audit is conducted.

  • How safe do you think our school is? (1= Poor, 10 = Excellent)

  • Rating out of 10.

  • How would you describe the managemnt of OHS in the school (Multiple Choice)

OHS Images

  • Take an image of something that is unsafe in your workspace/classroom.

Your Classroom / Workspace

  • Are there loose cables on the floor?

  • Is your heater free from clutter?

  • Do you have any loose or frayed carpet?

  • Any other OHS issues in your classroom you'd like to raise?


  • Were you aware that workplace stress falls under OHS?

  • How stressed do you feel at work? Give yourself a stress rating out of 100. (0 = No Stress, 100 = Highly Stressed)

Organisational Issues

  • Would you be interested in joining an OHS Committee to meet once a term to discuss OHS issues within the school? If yes, indicate your name below.


  • Are you aware of the DEECD OHS reporting website Edusafe?

  • Check out the Edusafe website. It is the DEECD portal for reporting accidents, injuries, near misses and hazards for staff only. You log in using your Edumail details.

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